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NHL Odds Explained

NHL odds come in three main types of markets:

  • Moneyline
  • Puckline
  • Total

NHL Moneyline Odds

NHL moneyline odds can be read as the probability each team has to win the game outright. The standard format in the US is what is called American odds, and will often be displayed as a positive (underdog) or negative (favorite).

Take the following Washington Capitals at Buffalo Sabres matchup as an example:

Washington Capitals -170

Buffalo Sabres +150

Washington is the favorite in this matchup with odds of -170. This translates to a 63% chance to win the game while Buffalo is the underdog with a 39% chance to win. Use the odds calculator to find out the moneyline win probability for each team.


NHL Puckline Odds (Spread)

The NHL puckline or “spread” represents the number of goals a team needs to win or lose by. Take the following Washington Capitals at Buffalo Sabres matchup again for example:

Washington Capitals +1.5 (-185)

Buffalo Sabres -1.5 (+165)

This means that if you bet on the Washington Capitals +1.5, then Washington needs to win the game or lose by less than 1.5 goals. Note that Washington is the moneyline favorite, therefore this bet has odds of -185 (or a 65% win probability). A bet on Buffalo -1.5 means Buffalo would have to win by more than 1.5 goals for you to win your bet.

NHL Total Odds

NHL total odds represent the number of total goals that will be scored in the game. You can bet either Over or Under the line provided by the sportsbook.

Continuing with our Capitals/Sabres example, the total for this game is set at 6. This means you have the option to be the following:

Over 6 goals (-110)

Under 6 goals (-110)

If the total lands on exactly 6 goals, then the bet would be settled as a “push” and you would get your original wager back.

Once you have decided on which side you want to bet, it is best to hunt for the best total/odds combination here. It could be the difference between becoming a long term winning or losing sports bettor.