Best Arbitrage Betting Sites, Tools, Apps and Finders (US)

Arbitrage sports betting is a great way to earn money at almost no risk to you.

The problem?

It is hard to find live arbitrage opportunities.

Finding and executing live arb bets manually is nearly impossible. I’ve tried. Your best chance to capitalize is by using an arbitrage betting tool or software that makes it easy for you.

Best Arbitrage Betting Tools

There are many sports arbitrage betting tools on the market. Each of them have their strengths and weaknesses.

Depending on what your focus is, one of the following arb betting tools will likely be best for you:

  • OddsJam (best overall and mobile app arb tool)
  • OddsPulse (best live arb betting tool)
  • Prop Arb Scout by Sportsbook Scout (best player prop arb betting tool)
  • Double Down (fastest arb betting odds)
  • OddsPotato (cheapest arbitrage betting tool)

Best Overall Arbitrage Betting Tool

OddsJam is the best overall arb betting tool.

Why: OddsJam has a very polished interface, lots of tutorials and videos, good support and access to most markets. If you want a general purpose arbitrage tool, OddsJam is your pick.

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The main arbitrage odds screen on OddsJam shows you the top arbitrage opportunities, ranked by ROI (return on investment) percent. The higher the number, the bigger return you will get from your arbitrage bet.

OddsJam also conveniently has a 1-click arbitrage feature where they link to the specific bet AND pre-load your bet slip on the sportsbook with your desired bet amount. This is a key arbitrage feature as it saves you time executing on the bets which can be one of the biggest pain points with arbitrage betting.

OddsJam also has customer support that will help you in your arbitrage betting. If you are newer to arb betting and need to assistance, OddsJam will be able to help you. All other arb betting tools are self service, so if you need some help learning the ropes, OddsJam offers help.

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Best Live Arbitrage Betting Tool

The best live arb betting tool is OddsPulse.

Why: OddsPulse is a no frills tool that gives you the data you need. OddsPulse focuses on main markets (spread, moneyline, and total) and gives you the info you need to get down quickly.

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Live Arb Session and Walkthrough Using OddsPulse

Their founder, Brock, made over $100K live arb betting in 2023. He originally built OddsPulse to help with his live arb betting and is now sharing his tool with everyone.

The OddsPulse platform gives you the option to auto-refresh as fast as every 2 seconds. They use a direct feed to the sportsbooks, so this is nearly as fast as you can get data which is critical for live arbitrage betting.

OddsPulse also provides guides on how to best execute live arb betting when it comes to sportsbooks and each of their tendencies.

Their Discord (invite/subscription only) gives you access to a live arb community where you can learn how to take your arb betting to the next level and get support with any technical issues. There is also a Live Arb channel that will surface every arbitrage opportunity if you want to monitor/discuss arbs there as well.

OddsPulse gives you the information you need to effectively live arbitrage and is currently the best option on the market for anyone looking to live arbitrage.

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Arbitrage Betting Tool with the Fastest Odds Updates

Double Down Odds has the fastest odds updates among arb betting tools.

Fast odds updates are critical for arb bettors. Really nothing else matters if you are constantly seeing stale lines that are no longer available.

Double Down Arbitrage Example

Double Down puts all of the focus of their product on speed. They know the importance and make sure their feeds update as soon as sportsbooks change their lines. Double Down Odds updates their lines update within 200ms (0.2 seconds!) of when sportsbooks change their lines.

Double Down recently released their web based product and is making continuous updates to improve the product. They have outstanding ease of use features such as 1 click betting, color coding based on opportunity, and more.

If you are looking for arbitrage betting software with the fastest odds updates, then Double Down Odds is your best choice.

Best Arbitrage Betting Tool for Player Props

Arb Scout by Sportsbook Scout is the best arb betting tool for player props.

Why: Arb Scout gives you access to the most common player prop markets and surfaces arbitrage opportunities for you. Covering all these markets manually would be otherwise impossible.

Arb Scout is web based (Google Sheets) and allows you to add any other data you might want into the spreadsheet. The Arb Opportunities tab shows you only the current arbitrage opportunities based on the settings you set.

You can choose your arbitrage ROI % threshold, the sportsbooks you have access to, and even how much a half point is worth to convert different odds.

Player prop arb betting is less reliant on speed as the odds don’t change as frequently. What is more important is having a full menu of bets to choose from to find the best opportunities.

Best Arbitrage Betting App (Mobile Users)

OddsJam has the best arbitrage betting app for mobile users.

Why: OddsJam is one of the leaders in the sports betting odds space, and their app is the best in the industry. No other major competitors offer arbitrage betting in their app.

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The addition of 1-click arbitrage betting to the OddsJam app has made it the best option for anyone looking to do some arbitrage on the go.

Example of OddsJam 1-Click Betting in App Courtesy of The Arb Father

This is a huge feature since not everyone can sit in front of their computer all day looking for arbs. The OddsJam mobile app allows you to get down on arbitrage bets wherever you may be.

The arbitrage opportunities on the OddsJam app are exactly the same as you would find on web. I have yet to find another competitor that surfaces this many opportunities to mobile users. No longer do you have to be chained to your desktop looking at 3 different screens!

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Cheapest Arbitrage Betting Tool

OddsPotato is the cheapest arbitrage betting tool on the market.

Why: OddsPotato offers a monthly plan starting at just $40 a month. Most other main competitors start at $100 or more per month.

If you are just getting in to arbitrage betting or have a smaller bankroll, then OddsPotato is the best option for you. It will give you access to the tools successful arbitrage sports bettors need while not eating up your entire bankroll.

OddsPotato’s entry level plan focuses on pregame arbitrage, which is still very valuable given the amount you can wager on those markets.

OddsPotato also offers a FREE 15-30 minute training session if you are just getting started with arbitrage betting and need help. They also have a Discord server that allows you to interact with other arbitrage bettors and learn from them as well.

With OddsPotato you will be able to grow your bankroll AND learn the ins and outs of arbitrage betting at an affordable price.

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