Best Sports Betting Odds Comparison Sites (Odds Screen) 2024

You know that using sports betting odds comparison sites is the best and easiest way to increase your chances of winning long term.

But which one is best for you?

There are many different odds screens out there, so it is critical to choose an odds screen that fits your needs.

Best Overall Sports Betting Odds Comparison Site: Unabated

The best sports betting odds comparison site is Unabated Sports. Unabated offers the best combination of price, functionality, and efficiency of any odds screen on the market.

Unabated has the basics down. You can configure the odds screen exactly as you see fit. They allow you to choose only the sportsbooks that you want to see. The customization also includes the ability to include only certain sportsbooks in the “Best Line” column to make sure you are only putting sportsbooks where you can actually place wagers.

For more advanced users, they offer the Premium subscription which offers advanced tools like the Unabated Line, automatic edge calculation, season simulator tools, and much more.

Read more to get the full breakdown on Unabated Sports.

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Best Sports Betting Odds Comparison Site for Props: OddsJam

Props have become an extremely popular bet type, so using an odds screen to make sure you are getting the best odds on props is critical.

OddsJam has the best prop odds comparison site on the market. Their list of prop markets is unmatched and really allows you to find value in extremely niche markets.

The runner up here would be Unabated Sports. Unabated’s odds screen for props is very strong with regards to simulations/projections. They allow you to use off the shelf projections from FantasyPros/NumberFire as well as give you the option to upload your own projections.

The edges here are usually larger than normal, and you can get tremendous value to using these screens to their full potential.

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Best Odds Comparison Site for Beginners (Small Bankroll): Unabated

The best odds comparison site for beginners with a small bankroll is the Unabated Essentials tier.

This is their introductory level and gives you access to the bare bones odds screen. Despite not having some of the fancier bells and whistles that some of their more premium tiers have, the Essentials tier odds screen does more than enough for you.

You will be able to customize, sort, and fill your odds screen however you see fit. The odds screen was built by professional sports bettors, so they know exactly what you need to see on your odds screen.

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Best Odds Comparison Spreadsheet: Sportsbook Scout

Having an odds screen in spreadsheet format is incredibly valuable and the best one on the market is made by your author: the Sportsbook Scout Odds Screen Spreadsheet.

The spreadsheet allows you to import odds for nearly any sport and market. Having the odds in a spreadsheet that can automatically update is incredibly valuable for those creating their own lines and comparing them to the market.

No more manual entry! The Sportsbook Scout Odd Screen Spreadsheet takes care of all the dirty work for you and allows you to focus on the numbers.

Get the Sportsbook Scout Odds Screen Spreadsheet

Best Odds Comparison Site for Tracking Bets: BetStamp

Using an odds screen to get the best odds is the primary reason most people use an odds screen. But using an odds screen to also track your bets is a side benefit that some providers offer.

The best odds comparison site for tracking bets is BetStamp. BetStamp has made their name in the sports betting industry through their tracking system. All you need to do is click on a bet from their odds screen and submit it to log it in their tracking system.

This allows you to easily track your bets and also gives legitimacy to the numbers as BetStamp is sourcing the live odds from sportsbooks.

Because the odds are verified at the time you log your bet, you can take people that track their betting history at BetStamp seriously. BetStamp also has an analysis section of their site that allows you to filter your bet history to see how you are performing over time, in certain leagues, etc.

A runner up here would be OddsJam. They do a great job of also making it easy to track your plays. OddsJam also has a nice screen where you can see some high level analysis on your plays to see how you are doing.

Best Odds Comparison Site for Mobile Users: BetStamp

The best odds comparison site for mobile users is BetStamp. BetStamp is a mobile first product with their app being the focus of the company.

Have an efficient way to line shop on the go is essential for you. It is not reasonable to expect everyone to have the time to sit in front of an odds screen all day.

BetStamp’s app offers all the information you need to pick off the best lines. There aren’t a ton of bells and whistles, but it allows you to line shop easily and has a nice interface.