Best Player Prop Bet Analyzer and Research Tools 2024

With the explosion of player prop betting markets, many tools have come online to help you find the best player prop betting opportunities.

But which player prop betting analyzer and research tool is best for you?

Each player prop tool has its strengths, so read on to find the tool that suits your needs best.

Best Player Prop Betting Tool for Positive EV Bets

The best player prop betting tool for identifying positive expected value (EV) bets is Outlier.Bet.

Outlier.Bet is geared towards player props and provides a page dedicated to identifying positive EV player prop bets.

The Positive EV page identifies the highest expected value player props based on lines from the 4 biggest sportsbooks: FanDuel, DraftKings, Caesars, and BetMGM.

The Positive EV page also has many filters that allows you to customize what you see. This is a great feature as you can only show opportunities that you are truly interested in.

Outlier then compares these lines to the “true odds” of an event occurring by removing the vig from a known sharp bookmaker.

Outlier even has the expected value calculations based on different devig calculation methods (Multiplicative, Additive, Shin, and Power).

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Best Player Prop Betting Tool for Research and Data Segmentation

Props.Cash is the best player prop analyzer for player stats and deep data segmentation.

Props.Cash focuses on giving you the data you need to make smarter player prop bets. Their data sets have an incredible amount of filters:

  • Last 5/10/20 games
  • Full game/quarter/half/period
  • This season/last season
  • Regular season/playoffs
  • vs. Opponent/Division/Conference
  • Win/Loss, Win/Loss Margin
  • Rest
  • With/Without Specific Players Playing

The depth of filters allows you to get really specific and see how performance changes based on variables.

Want to see how often Luka Doncic goes over 26.5 points when Kyrie Irving isn’t playing? That is possible with Props.Cash.

If you want to take your player prop data analysis to the next level, then Props.Cash is your best option.

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Best Player Prop Betting Tool for Executing Bets on Sportsbooks

Outlier.Bet is the best tool for easily executing your player prop bets based on your research.

Spending time researching player props is hard enough. The last thing you want to do is spend more time digging through each sportsbooks interface to find the bet you want to place.

Outlier.Bet has a 1-click add to betslip feature that makes placing your player prop bets a breeze.

First, you need to do your research and decide which bets you want to add.

Once you have done your research and added your picks in Outlier, you can simply select the sportsbook where you want to place those bets and hit “Add to [Sportsbook] Betslip”.

Clicking this button will open up the Sportsbook app/site you selected and automatically place the bets in your betslip:

And that’s it! Outlier takes the top spot for making it very easy to convert your research to actual bets.

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Best Player Prop Betting Tool for Projections

The best player prop analyzer with projections is Sharp.App.

Sharp.App specializes in comparing their player prop projections to the current lines available. This allows them to generate an edge percentage as well as a bet rating to see how much value there is in a player prop bet.

Sharp.App Player Prop Example receiving yards over under

Most of the value is derived from the projection that Sharp.App presents. If you like and trust their projections, then Sharp.App is the best option for player prop tools with projections.

Best Player Prop Betting Tool for Finding the Best Line

If you want to find the best player prop line available, then Prop Scout is your best option.

Prop Scout is a spreadsheet (Google Sheets) based tool that allows you to pull in live player prop odds from nearly any sportsbook you could think of. Prop Scout includes lines for the major player prop markets such as key stats like points, goals, touchdowns, etc. as well as combination markets like points + rebounds + assists for example.

Prop Scout has lines from nearly every sportsbook in the world, covering nearly 70 different sportsbooks worldwide and over 20 in the United States.

If you are looking to shop for the best player prop lines, then your best bet is to use Prop Scout.

Best Player Prop Analyzer for Parlays

Hall of Fame Bets (HoF Bets) is by far your best option for analyzing player prop parlays (including Same Game Parlays).

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Hall of Fame Bets has many similar features to competitors such as Props.Cash and Outlier.Bet, but where Hall of Fame Bets truly shines is for parlays.

Hall of Fame Bets offers a Parlay Optimizer that allows you to input various legs of a parlay (works for Same Game Parlays as well) and see what the implied odds are of that parlay hitting based on recent performance.

The Parlay Optimizer allows you to adjust the statistics range to fit what you think is best and most accurate. HoF Bets offers last 5, 10, and 20 games, the entire current season, or the current season and last season combined. You can even see the player prop parlay performance for the specific team matchups that had occurred that season.

Where the Parlay Optimizer takes its game to the next level is with the Correlation tab. The Correlation tab will show you how strong the correlation is (positive or negative) for the legs of your parlay. The is extremely valuable as this level of analysis was typically reserved for people pulling their own data and running their own correlation analyses.

If you like betting player prop parlays, then Hall of Fame Bets is by far your best option. Read the full HoF Bets review here.

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