Can You Cancel a Bet on FanDuel Sportsbook?

You placed a bet on FanDuel that you want to cancel.

What now?

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Depending on the type of bet and when you made it, you may be able to cancel your bet on FanDuel.

How to Cancel a Bet on FanDuel

There is not a “Cancel” button on FanDuel, however there are a few ways to effectively cancel your bet.

Cash Out Your Bet on FanDuel

For some types of bets, FanDuel allows you to cash out your bet. Often times this is available before a game starts, but it is also sometimes available during a game depending on the bet type.

The catch with the Cash Out feature is that it is often at a lesser amount than what you bet.

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For example, say you wagered $10 on the Chicago Cubs moneyline against the Milwaukee Brewers. Immediately after placing the bet, you may see a cash out value for $9.

This is obviously less than what you initially wagered, but could be a good option for some people depending on the wager amount and how badly they want to get out of the bet.

Hedge Your Bet to Effectively Cancel It

Another slightly more creative solution would be to hedge your bet by taking the other side.

For example, if you originally placed a $10 moneyline bet on the Chicago Cubs and wanted to get out of it, you could bet $10 on the other side of the bet (in this example, the Milwaukee Brewers).

The solution effectively guarantees you lose the vig on the bets, which is usually anywhere between 5-10% depending on how aggressively you shop for odds.

You could place this hedge bet at the same sportsbook or a different one, it doesn’t really matter.

Email Customer Service and Ask

While all bets are final once they are placed, it never hurts to reach out to FanDuel Customer Support and ask if they will refund your bet.

Depending on your account history and bet amount, FanDuel customer service may just do you a favor and refund your bet or offer you a free bet.

When you ask for a refund, be sure to explain why you want a refund. If it was truly a mistake (kid was playing with your phone, tapped wrong button, etc.) then be sure to note that.

It is also good to contact them as soon as possible after the bet was placed. FanDuel Customer Support is more likely to work with you if you immediately identify the mistake.

If you wait hours or days after placing the bet, it is unlikely FanDuel will help you out. Over that amount of time, it is very likely the odds have changed which will add another layer of complexity to your request.

Can You Cancel a Bet on FanDuel Before the Game Starts?

You cannot cancel a bet on FanDuel before the game starts. FanDuel may offer a Cash Out option on the bet if the game hasn’t started.

This may be your best option for a quick resolution, even though you are likely to lose a little bit from the original wager.

Sometimes having the peace of mind is worth more than whatever the difference is between the Cash Out option and your original wager amount.

Will FanDuel Refund a Bet?

FanDuel will most likely not refund a bet.

Depending on the bet and what happens in the game, your bet may be voided depending on the terms of the bet. This acts like a refund but is not a subjective call by FanDuel. Often times they are just going by the terms of the bet and what happened in the game.

Some sportsbooks offer refunds on bets where a player was injured, a bad call changed the game, etc. but these are rare and only used as a marketing tool.

Do not count on these as sportsbooks mainly use these to foster some goodwill from sports bettors. If you lose a bet, do not expect FanDuel to refund your bet for any reason.

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