Cash Out Unavailable on FanDuel Sportsbook

FanDuel Sportsbook offers the option for users to cash out their bets early in some cases.

But often times it isn’t available.

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Why is Cash Out Unavailable on FanDuel Sportsbook?

Cash out may be unavailable on FanDuel if the odds of a bet have changed.

This means that FanDuel will need to adjust the amount you are able to cash out on your bet. Often times FanDuel will make the Cash Out feature temporarily unavailable, especially while games are in progress.

FanDuel will also disable the Cash Out option when games are very close to ending and there may be wild swings in odds depending on the game and bet.

When cash out is unavailable on FanDuel, it will look like a button that isn’t clickable and say “Cash Out Unavailable”.

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FanDuel Cash Out Unavailable
FanDuel Cash Out Unavailable Button

When watching games live, remember that there is a lag between your TV and the live action as it happens. It is estimated that what you are seeing is between 45 and 60 seconds behind the live action. This may impact when your bet becomes available for a cash out.

Since a cash out is a reflection of the current live odds, game events constantly are changing these odds. A lag between the TV and live action might mean that your cash out option becomes available and unavailable at seemingly odd times, but it is likely more correlated to when events are actually happening.

What Type of Bets Can You Cash Out on FanDuel?

Any bet that has the money icon with the arrow next to it is eligible for Cash Out.

FanDuel Cash Out Symbol

This icon is usually only visible once you add a bet to your bet slip. Occasionally FanDuel will show the icon on certain bet categories if you are looking at various prop bets. Be sure to pay attention on the bet slip screen as the icon is small and can get lost in a lot of text if you have multiple bets in your bet slip.

Last bet is not eligible for cash out

While these bets are eligible to be cashed out, FanDuel can still suspend the Cash Out option whenever they see fit.

Common bet types that are eligible for Cash Out on FanDuel:

  • Moneyline
  • Spread
  • Total
  • Props
  • Futures

Luckily most bets are eligible for cash out, however game conditions can alter exactly when a bet can be cashed out.

If you aren’t sure if the bet you placed is eligible for cash out, then one way to know is to see if there is a “Cashout unavilable” or an actual Cash Out button visible.

No “Cash Out” Button Visible

If there is not even a “cashout unavailable” button visible, then it means that your bet never had the cash out option.

How Do You Know When Cash Out Becomes Available?

The only way to know when your bet is eligible for Cash Out is by looking at your Active Bets tab.

FanDuel Cash Out Options

There is no alerting or notification system that will tell you when your bet is eligible, if the cash out amount changed, etc.

If you are considering cashing out a bet, you should keep your active bets tab open and watch to see when the option becomes active.