How to Download and Export Bet History on DraftKings Sportsbook

Trying to figure out how to download and export your bet history from DraftKings Sportsbook?

It seems like this functionality would be provided by DraftKings as a standard option for users. But it’s not.

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Fortunately, there is an easy solution to download your bet history on DraftKings.

Easy Way to Download and Export DraftKings Bet History

You can download your DraftKings bet history by installing the Bet Downloader by Sportsbook Scout Chrome Extension.

The Bet Downloader will allow you to download your entire DraftKings Sportsbook bet history and export to a CSV or sync your bets to Track, a bet tracking and analysis tool by Sportsbook Scout.

Advantages of Using the Bet Downloader

The Bet Downloader has many advantages over alternatives:

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  • Saves time and avoids errors compared to manually tracking bets
  • Data is standardized so there is no need to adjust the raw data
  • You don’t need to expose your sportsbook login credentials to any 3rd party, keeping your account secure
  • You have full control over your data and flexibility to analyze the data as you see fit
  • You can customize and extend the data using other data sources or custom calculations

How to Download and Export Your Sports Betting History

To use the Bet Downloader, you first need to download and install the Chrome Extension. Make sure you are on a desktop/laptop and the Google Chrome browser.

The Google Chrome Web Store does not allow extensions related to sports betting, so you have to manually install the extension. Follow these steps to get the Bet Downloader installed:

  1. Download the Chrome Extension Zip file from here
  2. In your Downloads folder, right click –> Extract All from the Zip file
  3. In the URL bar, go to: chrome://extensions
  4. Turn on Developer Mode (top right)
  5. Click “Load Unpacked” (top left)
  6. Select the folder titled “sbs [version number]”. Don’t double click on the folder, just select it. Then click “Select Folder”. Current extension version is 0.0.5 as of writing.
  7. In Google Chrome, click the puzzle piece to view your extensions –> select the pin to show it by default (binoculars logo)
  8. Click on the extension logo (binoculars) to load the extension
  9. Enjoy!

Here is a quick video on the process:

Once the extension is installed, click on the extension to launch the application.

How to Use the Bet Downloader Chrome Extension

To use the Bet Downloader Chrome Extension, follow these easy steps:

  1. Download the Bet Downloader by Sportsbook Scout from the Google Chrome Extension store
  2. Click on the Chrome Extension
  3. Sign up or log in to Sportsbook Scout (required)
  4. Log in to DrarftKings Sportsbook
  5. Click on the Bet Downloader Chrome extension and click “Sync” under the DraftKings section
  6. Click the “Export to CSV” button to download your DraftKings Sportsbook bet history
  7. Click “Sync” to sync these bets with the bet analysis tool (optional)

There are two options to view your bet history: CSV and importing the bet history to Track.

The CSV export will give you the necessary detail on each bet to perform your own analysis/tracking in a tool like Microsoft Excel.

If you want automated tracking and analysis, you can import these bets into Track to see instant analysis without any additional work on your end.

DraftKings Bet Downloader CSV Export to Excel Definitions

If you download the CSV, you will see many columns of data. See below for definitions of each column:

DraftKings Bet History Column NameDefinition
External Bet IDThe unique ID for each bet. Note that any bet with multiple legs (parlay, teaser, round robin, etc.) will have multiple rows for each bet. See the Primary definition for more.
Bet Date TimeThe date time of when you placed your bet in Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Bet TypeThe type of bet as categorized by DraftKings Sportsbook
Bet AmountThe amount of money wagered
Number of BetsThe number of bets placed. Will be greater than 1 for Round Robin bets
Number of LegsThe number of legs for a given bet
Bet SettledWhether or not the bet has been settled by DraftKings Sportsbook
Bet SelectionWhat was bet on (ex: Dallas Cowboys)
Market NameThe market of the bet selection (ex: Spread)
Bet American OddsThe American Odds of the bet (ex: -110)
Bet ResultThe final result of the entire bet
PayoutThe amount paid out for the bet
Potential PayoutThe potential amount that could have been paid out on the bet if it won
Leg SettledWhether or not the leg has been settled
Leg ResultThe result (Won/Lost/Draw/Void) of the leg
Leg American OddsThe American odds of the specific leg of a bet
Bet Settled DateThe date time the bet was settled in Eastern Standard Time (EST)
Bet Bonus TypeThe type of bonus for the bet (ex: Early Win, Profit Boost, Odds Boost, etc.)
Bet Bonus AmountThe bonus amount for the bet (if applicable)
Risk FreeIf the bet was a Risk Free bet (True/False)
Bet Boosted OddsThe final odds of the bet with any boosts applied
Bet Bonus Max Winning AmountThe max winning amount ($) of a bet
Bet Bonus Winning AmountThe amount won for a bet with a bonus
Bet Boost PercentageThe percentage boost on a bet (if applicable)
Boosted BetIf the bet was boosted (True/False)
Early WinIf the bet was an Early Win bet (True/False)
PrimaryAssigns a single leg of a bet as Primary to allow for accurate accounting. If you do not filter to Primary = 1, then you will duplicate metrics such as Bet Amount, Payout, Potential Payout, etc. Any manual analysis will need to have this data filtered to Primary = 1 in order to be accurate.
DraftKings Sportsbook Bet History CSV Export Definitions

What You Can Do with Your DraftKings Bet History

Analyzing your sports betting performance is the only way to ensure you are improving as a bettor.

If you don’t have an accurate record of your bets, you are basically guessing as to what works and what doesn’t.

An accurate log of your DraftKings bet history will give you the ability to analyze your performance on many key categories:

  • Bets by League (NFL, NBA, etc.)
  • Bets by Side/Team (New York Yankees, LA Lakers, etc.)
  • Bets by Bet Type (single, parlay, round robin, etc.)
  • Bets by Bet Category (spread, moneyline, total, props)
  • Bets by Odds range (ex: -200 to -150, etc.)

In combination with these dimensions, you will also be able to calculate key metrics to determine your effectiveness:

  • Profit
  • ROI
  • Number of Bets Placed
  • Amount Wagered

Why You Need Your DraftKings Bet History

Winning bettors often bet at multiple sportsbooks. Tracking performance by each sportsbook individually doesn’t make sense as you want to see your entire view across bets at all sportsbooks.

Using the Bet Downloader by Sportsbook Scout Chrome Extension to download your DraftKings bet history is a key component and step towards getting an accurate picture of your overall betting performance.

It is also important to harness your DraftKings bet history because it is your data. Sportsbooks regularly profile accounts to see which customers are winning bettors and which aren’t.

You can now take this knowledge into your own hands to analyze your bet history. Figuring out where you are a winning bettor and where you are not is an important step towards becoming a long term winner.