What Does -200 Odds or Longer Mean?

Odds of -200 or longer are often required to qualify for certain sportsbook promos.

But what does -200 odds or longer actually mean?

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-200 odds or longer means that the odds of your bet need to be greater than or equal to -200.

odds of -200 or longer
Odds of -200 or longer

This means that bets of -175, -150, -125, +110, +150, +500, etc. would all qualify as odds longer than -200.

Why Do Sportsbooks Require Odds of -200 or Longer?

Many sportsbooks use aggressive promos to acquire customers and keep them using their platform.

This tactic is very costly in the short term for these sportsbooks, so they need to manager their risk and costs.

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minimum odds -200
FanDuel Minimum Odds Example

To do this, they often require the odds of a promo bet to be longer than -200. Bets that are longer than -200 are less likely to win, thus increasing the chance that the sportsbook “wins” the bet.

This is common for “insurance” type promotions where users are given their original wager back in a future free bet if they lose. Sportsbooks don’t want to give out free bets for users betting on markets that are highly likely to win.

What Types of Bets Can Be -200 or Longer Odds?

For most promo bets, any type of bet with odds of -200 or longer will work.

odds requirement -200
BetRivers Odds Requirements for a Promo Bet

This means that moneyline, spread, future, and props would all be eligible as long as the odds meet the requirements.

Odds of -200 or Longer Examples

Below are some example odds and whether or not they are longer than -200 odds:

OddsOdds of -200 or Longer?
Example of odds longer than -200

What are Other Common Odds Thresholds?

While -200 odds is a common threshold, you will also see many other thresholds depending on the bet or promo. If a sportsbook is more aggressive, they might allow for bets of up to -300 or -400.

parlay profit boost
Minimum odds: +400

In some cases the minimum threshold can be as high as something like +500 when looking at a parlay promo. In the example above, BetMGM has minimum odds of +400 to receive a 33% Profit Boost token.