Why Is My Bet Still Open On DraftKings Sportsbook?

You’ve placed a bet on DraftKings Sportsbook.

You know you’ve won (or lost) the bet.

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Yet DraftKings still shows your bet as “Open”. Why?

DraftKings Open Bet

Reasons Why Your Bet Is Still Pending on DraftKings Sportsbook

There could be multiple reasons why your bet is still showing as “Open” on DraftKings Sportsbook. There are a few main reasons this could be the case:

The Bet Needs The Game To Finish First

Most bets need the game to finish before statistics can be considered official. For example, if you bet Steph Curry over 5.5 three pointers made and he hit his 6th three pointer in the 3rd quarter. You know you have won, but your bet still shows as Open on DraftKings. This could be due to DraftKings waiting for the official stats from the game to grade the bet. With some of the more niche stats like blocks and steals, it is relatively common for a stat to change mid way through the game from one player to another.

Data Delay from Third Party Provider

DraftKings uses a 3rd party data provider to grade their bets. If there is any delay with their data provider, then there will likely be a delay in bet grading from DraftKings. Since they rely on that data, DraftKings can only do so much until the data is in there hands.

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DraftKings is Waiting for Official Confirmation from Their Statistics Provider

Even if there is no delay from the data provider, DraftKings may wish to wait until the league has “finalized” all stats before grading bets. The worst case scenario would be DraftKings grades a bet as a winner, only to see the league/official scoring changing something. DraftKings takes a conservative approach to avoid situations like these.

DraftKings Needs to Manually Grade the Bet

In some cases, DraftKings may need to manually review bets. A manual review could cause a delay in grading and cause your bet to show as Open for an extended period of time.