GamedayMath Sports Betting Review 2024 [Best Value Odds Screen]

GamedayMath is the best value option for anyone looking to use an odds screen with positive EV capabilities to step up their sports betting game.

GamedayMath Rating

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Overall Rating: Great👍

GamedayMath Review

GamedayMath is the best value odds screen with positive EV capabilities on the market.

GamedayMath gives you the flexibility and tools to customize your odds screen to give you the maximum value. They also offer helpful custom metrics such as Bet Score and Euclid EV to help guide your decisions.

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GamedayMath Pros

  • Most affordable +EV odds screen
  • Fast! (Near real time odds updates)
  • Helpful custom metrics such as Euclid EV and Nostradamus No-Vig line

GamedayMath Cons

  • Doesn’t currently have a mobile app
  • Limited tools outside of odds screen
  • Only available for main markets

In my experience, GamedayMath is best for bettors that:

  • Want to use an odds screen at a reasonable cost
  • Want easy, automated tracking on their bets
  • Want to improve as a sports bettor

GamedayMath Tools

GamedayMath offers three main tools:

  • Odds Screen
  • Picks
  • Analysis/Tracking

Their odds screen is their primary tool and where most bettors can get the most value.

GamedayMath offers two different tiers of packages at different price points:

Plan$/Mo.Tools IncludedDescription
FreeFree-Odds Screen (delayed)
-Positive EV Picks (delayed)
Can use up to 5 sportsbooks and odds are on a 5 minute delay
Plus$99-Euclid EV
-Nostradamus No-Vig Line
-Bet Score
-Positive EV Picks
-Odds Screen
Real time odds, proprietary metrics to help you find the most value with Euclid EV, Nostradamus No-Vig Line, Bet Score, and the Picks dashboard
Gameday Math Plan Comparison

Try GamedayMath for FREE with a 7 day trial!

GamedayMath: Built by an Analytics Veteran

GamedayMath was built by Jeff Donchess the founder of, a sports ratings, prediction, and analytics website.

DRatings has been around since 2012, and Jeff has now launched an odds screen with GamedayMath.

Using his background in statistics and ratings, Jeff has created an odds screen that has a few key proprietary metrics that are critical to your success:

While you can certainly use the GamedayMath odds screen without these values, these custom metrics created by Jeff allow you to easily parse through the data to understand where the most opportunity lies.

GamedayMath Odds Screen Review

The GamedayMath Odds Screen looks similar to nearly every other odds screen you have seen.

Gameday Math Odds Screen

At its most basic level, the odds screen lets you find the best odds for any bet. This is one of the most important things you can do to maximize your expected value as a sports bettor.

See the video run down from the GamedayMath team on how to best use the odds screen:

In addition to the odds for each sportsbook, the GamedayMath odds screen gives you a few proprietary numbers to help you find value:

Nostradamus No-Vig Line

The Nostradamus No-Vig line displays what GamedayMath estimates as the true odds for a given market. Gameday uses a proprietary algorithm to weight certain sportsbooks lines depending on the sport and market. They then de-vig those odds to get an estimate of the true probability.

Gameday Math Odds Screen example
Gameday Math Nostradamus No Vig Line

The Nostradamus No-Vig line is useful to you because you can compare the current odds for each sportsbook against the No-Vig line to see if there is any value.

Euclid EV (Positive Expected Value)

The Euclid EV column shows you which bets (if any) show a positive expected value.

Gameday calculates the Euclid EV by comparing the Best Line available for each side against the Nostradamus No-Vig Line. Most of these values will be negative, but you should be looking for anything with a 1-3%+ expected value.

Bet Score

Bet Score is a proprietary metric from GamedayMath that scores each possible bet on a scale of 0-100.

Bet Score allows GamedayMath to give you more detail on not just which are the best bets, but how these bets compare against each other. Bet Score follows this categorization per GamedayMath:

  • 90-100: Amazing bets! If the price is still available at the listed sportsbook, then this should be a no-brainer
  • 80-89: Excellent bets! These are still expected to be very profitable bets over the long-term
  • 74-79: Good bets! These are good bets, but ones that the user should take a much harder look at.
  • 67-73: Decent bets. We wouldn’t blindly bet these, but there is possibly some value there.
  • 0-66: Avoid these bets.

You can decide for yourself on whether a bet with a “high” Bet Score is a good opportunity given the current circumstances and information available.

gameday math odds screen bet score

You have the option to add Bet Score as a column to the odds screen in the Settings page. I like to see it as a reference alongside the actual EV number.

Best Line

The Best Line column is simply the best available odds for each side of a bet. It is important to use your sportsbook selections to make sure you are only seeing the lines for sportsbooks that are relevant and available to you.

gameday math best line

The Odds Screen simply shows the sportsbook logo to communicate which sportsbook has the best line. This is a nice, elegant way to get the information across without cluttering the screen.

Market Hold

The Market Hold column will show you how much vig is in the market when comparing the best line of each side of a bet.

gameday math market hold

This is a useful column to monitor as it will give you an idea of how much of a consensus there is in a market. If there is a big market hold (4%+), then that means most sportsbooks generally have the same or very similar lines and might not be a great opportunity for you.

Odds Screen Settings

The GamedayMath odds screen has some really useful settings that make using the odds screen a much better experience.

GamedayMath gives you the following options in their settings:

  • Odds Screen Text Display Size
  • Odds Format (American/Decimal)
  • Bankroll
  • Kelly Multiplier
  • Bet Score Display
  • Rotation Number Display
Gameday Math Odds Screen Settings Options

I’d recommend populating the Bankroll and Kelly Multiplier fields if you know those values. GamedayMath uses these two fields to recommend exact bet sizes when you are choosing your bets. This makes it really easy for you to execute on your bets once you have identified an opportunity.

GamedayMath also allows you to choose the sportsbooks that are available to you, as well as order them in whichever way you wish:

Gameday Math Sportsbook Selection Options

You can use the “Best Line” check box to decide whether or not you want that sportsbook to show up in the Best Line column. You may want to view odds from sharp sportsbooks like Pinnacle, but not have them show in the Best Line column if you aren’t able to bet there.

In terms of sportsbook ordering, I prefer to put market makers first (left side) and my sportsbooks (mostly recreational) on the right side.

GamedayMath Picks (Positive EV) Review

The Positive EV Picks page is the other key feature that GamedayMath offers.

These Positive EV Picks rely entirely on the Bet Score calculated by GamedayMath. The page simply surfaces the bets with the highest Bet Score and gives you the other relevant information such as sport, pick, spread, sportsbook, and odds:

Gameday Math Positive EV Picks

The Picks page surfaces the best possible bets currently available. The Picks page monitors odds from all sports and markets that GamedayMath has available and surfaces the best bets based on their proprietary Bet Score.

You can see in the example above that they are showing bets from College Basketball spreads, to NBA moneylines, to NHL totals. The Picks page is a great way to monitor for positive EV bets since it covers all sports and markets.

This has a leg up on the Odds Screen since you can only see one sport/market combination at a time there. The drawback to the Picks page is that you can’t easily see the rest of the market and how that bet related to the other numbers in the market.

Another nice feature of the Picks page is that it will show you when you have placed a wager on a given bet:

Gameday Math Picks page bets placed

You can see in the “Your Bets” column that I already placed a bet on Vanderbilt +1500 and Golden State Warriors -3. This is very helpful when you are trying to place many bets quickly and you might not have remembered everything bet you recently placed.

The Picks page also offers the following filters if you want to be more specific about which bets you are choosing from:

Gameday Math Picks Filters
  • Bet Types (Spread/Moneyline/Total)
  • Sport
  • Sportsbooks
  • Date (All Dates/Today/Tomorrow/This Week)

The Date filter can be particularly useful if you are looking for odds late at night and there aren’t any upcoming games for the rest of the day.

GamedayMath Bet Slip

Once you have used the odds screen to find a bet you are interested in, you can simply click on the odds to add it to your bet slip.

Bet Slip Summary

The bet slip is where you will get your summary metrics with everything you need to know about the bet, including the expected value on it:

The bet slip shows all of this information in a nice compact view:

  • Point Spread/Odds
  • Sportsbooks
  • Risk Amount
  • To Win Amount
  • Bet Size Suggestion (based on your bankroll and Kelly Criterion settings)
  • Bet Score
  • Nostradamus No-Vig Line
  • EROI
  • Euclid EV (expected value)
  • Note (for anything you want to call out about your bet such as the source, system, idea, etc.)

All of this information helps you make an informed decision on your bet. I recommend having your sportsbooks open in different tabs so you can execute on these opportunities quickly.

The bet slip is also where you are able to track your bets and their performance. You can do this by clicking the “Track Straight Bet” button.

Line Movement

In addition to the bet details, GamedayMath also gives you the option to see the line movement history.

Gameday Math Line Movement example

Line movement history can be a really insightful piece of data to see how much the market is moved, and when. GamedayMath even offers a Line Predictor which tells you where they think the lines will move going forward.

In this example, the Washington Wizards moved from +215 at 5:41 AM to +210 at 5:42 AM, and +205 at 6:48 AM. While these aren’t huge moves, they do give you insight into the speed and magnitude of the line movement.

GamedayMath Bet Tracking and Analysis

One of GamedayMath’s best features is their automatic bet tracking. GamedayMath makes it really easy to go from scanning the odds screen –> executing your bets –> tracking your bets, all in just a few clicks.

Once that is clicked, your bet is automatically added to your tracking. One of the best parts about this is that your bet is also automatically graded. That means you can spend more time finding good bets rather than manually recording all of these details for tracking.

GamedayMath Bet Analysis

Once your bets are tracked, GamedayMath allows you to analyze your bet history by going to the Analysis page.

First you will see a summary of your bet performance over a given time frame. The Bet Performance box will give you a summary, while you can also see a daily trended view in the graph next to it.

Gameday Math Bet Performance Summary

You can toggle the Analysis filter to the following date ranges:

  • All Time
  • Last 7 Days
  • Last 14 Days
  • Last 4 Weeks
  • Last 6 Months
  • Last Year

This gives you a lot of flexibility to see how you are trending over different time periods and segments.

Below the summary graphs you will find a breakdown of your performance by bet type, league and sportsbook. These segments are really valuable to monitor to see how you are doing in specific segments.

Gameday Math Bet Analysis Performance Breakdown by Bet Type, League, and Sportsbook

The sportsbook breakdown is particularly interesting if you have found an edge and want to know how much you are up against a certain sportsbook. Keeping close tabs on this performance can be a key to make sure you don’t get greedy and have your account limited.

The Analysis page also shows you all of your Pending and Graded Bets. This is another useful tool to have in case you want to dig into specific bets for more details.

Gameday Math Pending Bets Log
Gameday Math Graded Bet Log

The pages also list relevant metrics such as the no-vig line and Euclid EV to get an idea of what you were thinking at the time you placed your bet.

You will also see performance summaries on the Dashboard page. These are useful to have at a glance when you login for the first time following a day’s worth of bets to see how you fared.

Gameday Math Graded Bets Performance

GamedayMath Promo Code and Free Trial

GamedayMath currently offers a FREE 7 day trial for anyone who wants to try out the platform.

I always recommend trialing a tool before jumping in, and their free 7 day trial will give you a great idea of how you might use the tool.

GamedayMath Alternatives

GamedayMath has a very specific focus (odds screen and positive EV picks), and they do those extremely well. If that doesn’t fit your needs, that’s OK. There are a few GamedayMath alternatives that could be a good fit for you:

GamedayMath Odds Screen Alternative: Unabated

Unabated Sports offers a similar odds screen to GamedayMath with a few key differences:

Price: GamedayMath’s Plus Plan is only $99/month vs. Unabated’s $199/month

Markets: Unabated’s Odds Screen offers more sports and more markets than GamedayMath. If you want to bet on things outside of the main sports/markets, the Unabated is your best option.

GamedayMath Positive EV Alternative: OddsJam

OddsJam offers a similar experience to the Picks page. While they don’t give you a Bet Score like GamedayMath does, they do scan odds across more markets (including player props).

If you want more Positive EV picks, then OddsJam is your best Positive EV alternative.