Hall of Fame (HoF) Bets Review 2024 [50% Off Promo Code]

Hall of Fame (HoF) Bets gives you all the tools and data you need to make more intelligent player prop bets (including parlays!).

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Overall Rating: Outstanding 🥇

HoF Bets Review

Hall of Fame (HoF) Bets is a mobile first player prop app designed to give you the data you need to make better player prop bets.

HoF Bets focuses on recent player performance and gives you access to their parlay optimizer tool which shows you the fair odds for your player prop parlay as well as correlations.

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HoF Bets is Best For…

Hall of Fame Bets is best for users that:

  • Love betting player props
  • Love betting parlays
  • Want to make data backed decisions
  • Primarily bet on mobile/apps
  • Want to easily identify the best player prop odds

HoF Bets makes it easier than ever to get some positive EV bets down with a fraction of the time investment.

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HoF Bets is an affordable tool that will give you value that far exceeds the cost if you are a regular player prop bettor.

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Hall of Fame Bets Player Prop Tools

Hall of Fame Bets is a mobile first player prop research tool that allows you to filter and segment data to see where you can get an edge.

HoF Bets offers player prop data and odds for the following leagues:

  • NFL
  • MLB
  • NBA
  • College Basketball
  • Soccer

They will likely add more leagues in the future, so be sure to check back if a sport you like is missing.

HoF Bets will display the current odds for player prop markets from the following sportsbooks:

  • FanDuel
  • DraftKings
  • BetMGM
  • Caesars
  • ESPN Bet

To take full advantage of HoF Bets, make sure you are signed up at each sportsbook that is available to you in your region. Access to as many sportsbooks as possible will give you the best odds and best chance of winning over the long run.

The core of HoF Bets focuses on player statistics in common categories such as points, assists, touchdowns, strikeouts, etc.

HoF Bets focuses on Hit Rate, which simply means how many games a player has hit a certain threshold given your parameters.

HoF Bets Kevin Durant Performance Points Over Under

For example, if you were looking at Kevin Durant over 26.5 points, you would see that he had gone over that number in 40% (4/10) in his last 10 games.

That 40% converts to American odds of +150. You can then compare that +150 to the best odds currently available (-110 at ESPN Bet).

This framework allows you to asses which player props have positive expected value and gives you an edge.

HoF Bets Filters

HoF Bets allows you to easily see a players’ performance for a given stat category over these preset timeframes:

  • Last 5 Games
  • Last 10 Games
  • Last 20 Games
  • This Season
  • This Season + Last Season

I’ve found that toggling between these time frames is critical. It is very common for a player’s performance to meaningfully shift over the course of a season due to a variety of factors:

  • Injuries
  • Trades
  • Coaching/Strategy Changes
  • Rotation/Playing Time Changes

It can be a little dangerous to judge a player on a small sample size such as the last 5 games. However, if you are following things closely, you might know that a meaningful change has occurred recently that makes more recent performance more relevant than data from earlier in the season.

HoF Bets also allows you to segment player performance based on almost anything you can think of. Things such as:

  • Home/Away
  • Past performance vs. specific opponent
  • Past performance vs. teams with similar profiles (ex: bad defenses)
  • Past performance with or without certain players playing (very useful for key injuries)
  • Minutes played (if you think a player is going to get a certain number of minutes, you can see how they have performed in those games)

The filtering can take your analysis to the next level. I highly recommend forming a hypothesis and testing to see what the historical data looks like.

For example, if you think that the Detroit Pistons have the worst defense in the league, you can check to see how many points per game they are giving up to various positions for game and compare that to current odds.

HoF Bets Player Charts and Analysis

Once you have honed in on a target bet, you can navigate to the player page (“Player Deep Stats”) to validate your idea. The Deep Stats page will give you the full breakdown of everything you might want to know.

For example, if you were targeting Shai Gilgeous-Alexander 30+ points, you could navigate to his Deep Stats page and set the line filter to 30+ points.

You will see a lot of graphs, so let’s break each one down, one by one.

The box at the top will show you a quick overview of the matchup and how favorable or unfavorable it is:

Hall of Fame Bets matchup box

You can see that the Orlando Magic appear to be a tough matchup for point guards scoring, as they give up the 8th least amount of points to point guards and the 5th most points overall.

The next graph is the player trend graph. This will show you how many times SGA scored 30+ points over the last X games you have selected.

HoF Bets trend graph

The green bars are games where SGA went Over 30 points, and the red bars are Under. You can see that he has gone Over 30 points most games, but has gone Under in 3 out of his last 4 games.

Below you will see a game log of the most recent SGA games, along with your selected prop highlighted in green when he went over 30 points and red when he didn’t.

HoF Bets Game Log Example for Shai Gilgeous Alexander

Here you can get more detail on player performance for the recent games to get more context. It is possible things like blowouts could impact minutes and performance, like the 35 point loss to Dallas saw SGA play only 29 minutes.

The next box shows you the game log of Orlando opponent PG performance and how many times those players went over 30 points:

Hall of Fame Bets game log for recent opponents

As you can see, Orlando had given up 30+ points only twice recently to PGs (Luka Doncic and Devin Booker) with the rest going well under 30 points.

This is where you need to use your own analysis. Luka Doncic and Devin Booker are on a similar level to SGA, where as the recent PGs that Orlando has faced are far from elite. If you just looked at the overall numbers, you might say that Orlando has strong PG points defense. However when you look at the game log, you see that the elite point guards they have faced both went well over 30 points.

Wrapping it all up, the bottom of the screen shows you the hit rate based on the different look back periods, the best current odds for that player prop, and what the implied odds are of the player’s hit rate.

Comparison of the Hall of Fame Bets hit rate to current odds

You can use this summary to make your final assessment of whether there is value in the player prop you were researching.

HoF Bets Roster Analysis

Another very useful resource is the Roster page. I’ve found this to be extremely helpful when analyzing what happens when a key player is ruled out for a game.

When a team’s best player (like the Miami Heat’s Jimmy Butler) is out, you can use this screen to see what happens to other players performance.

Hall of Fame Bets roster stats with Jimmy Butler out

As you can see, when Jimmy Butler is out, nearly everyone’s stats get better due to the increase in playing time and usage. You can comb through this page to find some of the biggest benefactors when Butler is out.

Jamie Jaquez has seen a +22% increase to 16 points per game over 16 games when Butler has been out. I’d look for his player prop points line to see how that compares and see if there is any value there.

Another popular screen to start your research is the Trends screen. This will show you the biggest “Edge” (positive EV) for a given player prop market based on current odds and player performance.

Hall of Fame Bets trends screen

While this is a useful starting point, you often times need to be careful with these. I would not recommend blindly following these suggestions.

Many times there will be a perceived edge based on the raw data, but won’t take into account current events such as injury announcements or shifts in playing time/performance.

For example, it appears that the Ben Simmons rebound markets had a significant edge based on the data presented. If you dig deeper, you will see that the edge percentage was based on his full season stats.

Looking at his recent performance (last 5 and 10 games), Simmons has had much lower rebounding totals, resulting in a much lower hit rate. This likely indicates that there has been a coaching shift to fewer minutes for Simmons, having him play more on the perimeter, or even playing with other big men that might be gobbling up his rebounds.

This is where your knowledge of the game can help you interpret some of these performance differences and analyze whether there is an edge there or not.

This is the type of analysis that HoF Bets lets you get to quickly to uncover some of these nuances within the data. HoF Bets gives you the data to pair with your own knowledge and critical thinking to make the best decisions possible.

HoF Bets Player Prop Parlay Optimizer

Where HoF Bets truly separates itself is with their Player Prop Parlay Optimizer.

Hof Bets Parlay Optimzier example

The Parlay Optimizer allows you to add legs to your parlay and analyze the odds compared to what is offered by the sportsbooks.

One of the best features is that the Parlay Optimizer also works with Same Game Parlays.

Once you have the legs of your Same Game Parlay, the Parlay Optimizer gives you three tabs to analyze the results: Game Logs, Charts, and Correlation.

The Game Logs tab will give you a break down of the game logs for each leg of your parlay. You can toggle through each leg to quickly see recent performance.

The Charts tab shows you a graph of each leg of your parlay based on recent performance, similar to the one you see on the Deep Stats page.

The last (and most important) tab is the Correlation tab. This tab will tell you how correlated your legs are when doing a Same Game Parlay. This is great information as it gives you data on how often to different legs hit.

The correlation range goes from -5 (least correlated) to +5 (most correlated). You can see in the example above, Hojlund Goals Over 0.5 and Rashford Goals Over 0.5 have a correlation of 2.2, which shows that each of these legs tend to occur alongside each other.

HoF Bets Alternatives

While HoF Bets is a great player prop tool, there are alternatives if it doesn’t suit your needs.

The best HoF Bets alternative for deeper data segmentation is Props.Cash. Props.Cash is one of the original player prop tools in the industry and they have stats available on most sports you can bet on.

The best HoF Bets alternative for positive EV betting is Outier.Bet. Outlier does a great job surfacing the best opportunities based on the data and gives you a detailed breakdown of what makes each bet a postive expected value bet.

HoF Bets: The Best Player Prop Parlay Tool on the Market

Hall of Fame bets has many strengths, but the top one is clearly their Player Prop Optimizer. If you are doing a lot of player prop betting (especially Same Game Parlays), then HoF Bets will take your edge to the next level.

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