OddsJam Review 2024 [35% Off Promo Code]

OddsJam is a sports betting platform that offers tools to help bettors identify opportunities in the market.

OddsJam Rating

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Overall Rating: Great 👍

OddsJam Review

OddsJam is an excellent option for sports bettors looking to take their game to the next level.

OddsJam provides the tools you need to save you time and money, giving you an edge in sports betting.

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OddsJam Pros ✅

  • Identifies best bets automatically
  • Owns industry leading data service
  • Available on both web and app

OddsJam Cons ❌

  • Can miss best bets if you aren’t ready/quick
  • Can’t anchor against certain sportsbooks

In my experience, OddsJam is best for bettors that:

  • Want to get an edge
  • Want to save time
  • Want to invest and improve as a sports bettor

OddsJam Tools

OddsJam offers three main tools:

  • Positive Expected Value (+EV)
  • Sports Betting Odds Screen Comparison
  • Promo Optimizer

Their Positive Expected Value tool is their most popular and the tool they feature the most.

OddsJam offers four different tiers of packages at different price points:

Plan$/Mo.Tools IncludedDescription
Promo Optimizer$39-Free Bet Converter
-Low-Hold Tool
-Middles Tool
Allows you to optimize promos/bonuses that are available at sportsbooks
Odds Screen$79-Sportsbook ScreenAccess to the odds screen
Sportsbook Picks$129-Sportsbook PicksGet automated real-time picks sent via Push or Email
Positive EV$199-Positive EV
-Promo Optimizer
-Parlay Builder
Highlights +EV bets and gives you access to other popular tools like Arbitrage and Promo Optimizer
Platinum$1,499-Everything in +EV
-Push Notifications
-Live Odds
-Global Sportsbooks
A plan designed for advanced bettors. Includes access to global sportsbooks as well as live in game odds.
OddsJam Plan Comparison

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As you can see, there is a wide range of price points which makes it easier for bettors to pick the right plan for them.

Which OddsJam Plan is Right for You?

To help you decide which plan you should go with, read along to see which type of bettor you identify with:

The Promo/Bonus Hunter

You are willing to do anything to get an edge, but have a small bankroll. You are constantly monitoring and taking advantage of any promo, bonus, odds boost, profit boost, or free bet available. You continue to grind these edges as long as you can find them.

Best plan: Promo Optimizer

Why: Promo Optimizer will save you loads of time, which will allow you to seek out other opportunities. The low monthly cost makes this an easy win.

The Line Shopper

You live for the odds screen. You love tweaking it to show exactly what you need to see, in the order you want to see it. Seeing the screen light up different colors triggers you to take advantage of any opportunity you see. You have the time to monitor lines and are ready to fire when you see good bets available.

Best plan: Sportsbook Screen

Why: The OddsJam Sportsbook Screen gives you all the tools you need to succeed in line shopping/odds comparison. Allowing you to customize the screen to your liking gives you a leg up, especially for time sensitive opportunities.

The Best Bets Buyer

You don’t have the time or energy to research things yourself. You want some skin in the game, but also want to have an edge. You have all your sportsbook accounts setup, you just need to know when and where to fire.

Best plan: Sportsbook Picks

Why: The Sportsbook Picks plan is perfect if you just want to get in on the action (in a smart way), without investing too much time yourself. Leaving the research and number crunching to the experts suits you just fine.

The Maximizer

You are all in on sports betting. You have the time and money to dedicate to sports betting and want to make the most of it. All you need is a way to identify opportunities quickly and you are ready to jump at it.

Best plan: Positive EV

Why: The Positive EV plan gives you access to the most tools, including the popular +EV tool. You are able to take advantage of the biggest edges as fast as possible. Your time is valuable, and you want to make sure you are getting a good ROI on the time you are investing in sports betting.

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OddsJam Positive Expected Value (EV) Tool Review

The OddsJam Positive Expected Value (+EV) tool identifies bets that are significantly off market for you. The big benefit is that OddsJam not only identifies these for you, they also tell you how much of an edge there is, and even how much to bet it at if you are using Kelly/half Kelly/etc. based on your bankroll.

The Positive EV tool takes all the hard work out of monitoring the odds screen. OddsJam uses their technology and algorithms to make things as easy as possible for you to put down bets with a positive expected value.

One downside is that you have to be ready and quick for these bets. Many times these edges only exist for a short amount of time, so you have to capitalize on them as soon as they arise. There is a Refresh button at the top of the screen to get the newest batch of bets. You can also see an “Updated” column which shows you the last time the lines were updated.

The good news is that even if you miss a juicy +EV bet, chances are another one will come along soon. Many of these +EV bets come in prop markets and there are thousands of different markets that OddsJam is scanning to identify the best opportunities.

I have seen plenty of 5-6%+ edges come across the screen after looking at it for only 15 minutes or so.

Don’t get impatient if you don’t see anything you like. Be patient and wait for Positive EV bets that fit your criteria.

If you have the Platinum Plan, then you can even create Filters based on criteria like your desired percent edge, league, odds, market width, and more:

Saving this Filter will also allow you to get automated emails once bets hit your criteria. That means you don’t need to stare at the screen hitting refresh to catch the largest +EV bets.

When you do get an email alert for a Positive EV bet, it will look like this:

This example shows a +4.49% expected value by betting on the 1st Inning Total Runs Over 0.5 at +115 on PointsBet. As you can see, some of these bets are very niche and would otherwise be very difficult or impossible to find without this tool.

To get these alerts you can just setup a filter, wait for an email, and place your bet. Easy!

OddsJam Odds Screen Review

The OddsJam Sportsbook Screen allows you to easily shop lines and compare odds across legal US sportsbooks.

The odds screen is a critical tool for any serious sports bettor, and the OddsJam Sportsbook Screen gives you all the essential features you need.

It shows the odds at each sportsbook you select, the average odds among those sportsbooks, as well as the best odds for each side and where you can bet it at.

You will also see boxes highlighted in green and red showing which odds have moved recently.

One of the major benefits of the Sportsbook Screen is the number of sportsbooks and markets they offer. In addition to major markets, OddsJam offers many of the prop/alt markets that you might be interested in:

An odds screen is especially useful for player prop markets as they are generally much less efficient than main markets. This means that there are many more opportunities available for you if you know where to look:

The Sportsbook Screen also has an easy feature to track your bets. You can add it to your bet tracking by simply clicking on the bet and adding it to your bet tracking.

Another nice feature is that you can see relevant information like injuries and line movement by clicking on the icons by the game information.

OddsJam Arbitrage Review

The OddsJam arbitrage tool is a simple yet powerful tool to have in your toolbelt. OddsJam will identify markets where betting each side will result in a guaranteed profit.

This can be especially attractive to someone with a smaller bankroll or users that might have a lower risk tolerance.

The cumbersome part is going in and making two separate bets. You have to make sure you act fast as lines could move, and thus your arbitrage could disappear if you are too slow to execute on some of these opportunities.

OddsJam does tell you when the lines have moved with an error message:

OddsJam Promo Optimizer Review

The OddsJam Promo Optimizer shows you how to maximize the offers from sportsbooks. Many sportsbooks will offer promotions, bonuses, and boosts as a marketing tool to incentivize new sign ups or initiate some betting activity.

Some of the terms of these bonuses can be a bit confusing if you don’t read closely. The Promo Optimizer takes all the guess work out of it, and you can just follow the tools recommendations.

One key feature is that the tool shows you how to maximize a free bet so you can convert as much of the free bet into actual dollars in your account.

Doing this manually can be time consuming and even costly if you screw it up. The Promo Optimizer is yet another time saving tool that will allow you to stack up your edges, little by little.

OddsJam Sportsbook Picks Review

OddsJam Sportsbook Picks will send you curated picks from their algorithms as well as select experts they rely on.

The picks are automatically sent via Push Notification and/or email. To properly take advantage of this plan, you always need to be ready to place a bet. This is ideal for someone that is sitting at their computer all day and can jump on bets as they come in.

For someone who is on the go and would have to place bets through their phone/apps, this plan could be a bit harder to take advantage of. Some of their picks will not move lines right away, so it is always possible that you are still ok to bet the lines if they haven’t moved.

When betting these picks, be diligent about betting it at the number they recommend. Betting picks at a worse number (ex: -125 instead of -110) might not seem like a big deal, but it is. Your EV is very dependent on the number you bet it at, so be disciplines with your approach.

OddsJam Bet Tracker

The OddsJam Bet Tracker is useful if you are operating in the OddsJam ecosystem. If you are making all your picks/bets using their platform, they make it easy to track things.

Once you click on a bet, you can add it to your tracker.

OddsJam has a pretty nifty tracking dashboard that gives you profit/loss, ROI, and other relevant metrics by day, league, bet type, and more. It is a nice tool to have to see if using OddsJam is showing results for you.

OddsJam API

OddsJam also offers API access for anyone looking to build things on top of OddsJam data. Their API is best in class and used by some of the most recognizable companies, teams, and leagues in the sports industry.

The API is the same data source that OddsJam itself runs on, so you know it is quality. The API could power any application or project you could think of. Contact their team to get more details on pricing and information.

OddsJam Alternatives

While OddsJam has many tools and pricing plans, there might not be a perfect plan for you.

That’s OK, because there are a few alternatives that could be a good fit:

OddsJam Odds Screen Alternative: Unabated

Unabated Sports offers a similar odds screen to OddsJam with a few key differences:

Price: Unabated’s Essentials Plan is only $67/month vs. OddsJam’s $79/month

Market Makers: Unabated places a premium on market making sportsbooks and lets you pick and choose which sportsbook you want to focus on

How does OddsJam work?

OddsJam is a sports betting data company that organizes the data into useful formats like an odds comparison screen, arbitrage bets, and positive EV bets.

Do you have to pay for OddsJam?

Yes, OddsJam offers paid plans due to their premium services and value they deliver to bettors.

Who is OddsJam’s competitor?

OddsJam’s main competitor is Unabated Sports. Both offer tools to sports bettors and have slight differences in their products.

Is OddsJam the same as OddsBoom?

Yes, OddsJam acquired OddsBoom in July 2022.