OddsJam vs. Unabated Sports: Which is Better?

You are looking for a good sports betting odds comparison screen and are down to OddsJam and Unabated Sports.

But which one is best for you?

I have spent extensive time using both products and have identified where each product shines depending on what is important to you.

Best Overall: Unabated

Overall, Unabated has a better platform and more comprehensive tools than OddsJam.

Unabated also allows for more customization around market makers and offers more niche tools like prop simulations, season simulators, and alt line calculators.

Unabated also offers a private Discord channel for subscribers. While this doesn’t seem like a big deal, some of the sharpest people in sports betting hang out there. You can soak up valuable information from these people and can really help you improve as a sports bettor.

If you are going to be using an odds screen, I believe Unabated will be your best option.

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Best Odds Screen: Unabated

The odds screen (odds comparison) is a key feature for both Unabated and OddsJam.

Unabated has a clear advantage here due to their proprietary Unabated Line which approximates the true odds (vig free) of any given line.

The Unabated Line is created by the founders of Unabated, professional sports bettors Jack Andrews and Rufus Peabody. It has immense value because it will determine which sportsbook(s) are the market makers for any given sport and market combination.

This means that you can have confidence that you will be comparing other odds against a quality line that is the closest approximation to the true probability of an event happening.

Unabated also surfaces the edge percentage of each line compared to the Unabated line to make it very easy to see where there is value.

OddsJam’s premiere tool is their Positive EV page which cuts out your traditional odds screen and serves up the best value (in their eyes).

OddsJam does offer an odds screen, but it lacks some of the key features like choosing a market maker and comparing against no vig lines.

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Best Automation: OddsJam

OddsJam currently has a leg up on Unabated when it comes to automated alerts for positive EV plays or pick releases.

While Unabated is in the process of developing some of these tools, OddsJam has a very good system for taking advantage of positive EV bets.

OddsJam allows you to receive automated emails and texts based on the filters you set to make sure you are only getting bets that you want to see.

OddsJam makes executing on profitable bets easier. You can be on the go, get an alert, and place a bet. Not having to be in front of your laptop/desktop is a major value here.

Unabated has a similar service called Edge Rusher, however it is only for their Concierge (highest) tier users.

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Best for Users on the Go: OddsJam

OddsJam is the best for users that are on the go or primarily place bets on their phone.

OddsJam has a mobile app that makes it easy to use their tools anywhere. Unabated does not currently offer a mobile app and the mobile web site is a little difficult to use.

OddsJam also has their alert system that will send you texts or emails for positive expected value bets. This is especially important for users that can’t be sitting in front of their computer 24/7.

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Best for Serious Sports Bettors: Unabated

If you are a serious sports bettor and are going to dedicate time and money, I recommend using Unabated Sports.

While both Unabated and OddsJam offer many different tools to help your sports betting, Unabated has better options when it comes to things like integrating your own lines/projections as well as providing simulation tools for futures bets.

Unabated also has an impressive team behind them that includes professional sports bettors and industry veterans.

The Unabated team knows what sports bettors are looking for and continue to cater their tools to the hardcore bettor.

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Best for Props: OddsJam

While both Unabated and OddsJam have player props for their odds screen, OddsJam offers more markets than Unabated.

Unabated offers some of the most common player props such as points scored, hits, touchdowns, etc.

OddsJam takes it a step further and offers some of the more obscure props like first 5 innings, team totals, total bases, longest play, etc.

One point for Unabated on the props front is their preloaded projections. They allow you to load the most recent projections from either FantasyPros or NumberFire right on the odds screen.

This is a pretty cool feature and will save you a lot of time vs. doing this comparison manually. Unabated is strong on player props if you stick to the main prop markets. Otherwise, OddsJam offers a larger number of markets and opportunities.

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OddsJam vs. Unabated Summary

Both OddsJam and Unabated Sports are quality options if you are looking to improve your edge as a sports bettor.

Overall, I believe Unabated offers a better total package to sports bettors while OddsJam is best for users on the go.

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