Outlier.Bet Sports Betting Review 2024 [25% Off Promo Code]

Outlier.Bet is a fantastic sports betting player prop research tool and app that gives you the information to make data based picks as well as interesting insights automatically generated based on the statistics.

Outlier.Bet Rating


Overall Rating: Outstanding 🥇

Outlier.Bet Review

Outlier.Bet allows you to quickly analyze player prop sports bets and easily place those bets on sportsbooks.

By showing recent player performance trends along with current odds from the leading US sportsbooks, Outlier.Bet gives you everything you need to have an edge betting player props.

Their mobile app is outstanding and makes player prop betting very easy when you are on the go.

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Outlier.Bet: Your Source for Smarter Player Prop Betting

Outlier.Bet attempts to bridge the gap between strictly sports stats to tying things in as a more betting focused platform.

Other player prop competitors stick more closely to providing the statistics and letting users discover and filter to their needs.

Outlier.Bet takes their service a step further by doing three things:

  • Automatically generating and serving insights to prompt users with interesting data based angles
  • Having tight integrations with sportsbooks and DFS apps that allow users to get live odds and automatically add bets to their bet slips
  • Serving more traditional sports betting opportunities such as positive EV, arbitrage, and middle bets

Outlier.Bet is Best for…

Outlier.Bet is best for sports bettors that:

  • Can not dedicate hours in front of a desktop/laptop and bet on the go
  • Want to make more educated bets based on stats and recent trends
  • Love betting player props and other smaller markets
  • Want to save time converting their research to actually placing bets

Outlier.Bet Tools

Outlier.Bet offers a few key tools that give users a lot of value:

  • Trends and insights on bets currently available
  • An easy view of player prop performance compared to current odds
  • Pre-filtered best bets for Positive EV, Arbitrage, and Middles

Outlier.Bet Player Prop Analysis

The bread and butter for Outlier.Bet is their player prop analysis. On their Props screen, they surface the best prop betting opportunities based on recent player performance (last 5 games, last 10 games, or last 20 games) as well as the current best line available for that prop.

You can dig deeper into a specific prop by clicking the small bar graph button on the left:

outlier.bet player prop row with detail

Now you can see trended statistics for the specific player prop you are looking at. This page is one of the most valuable pages Outlier.Bet offers. It allows you to filter recent performance, supporting stats (data that is not the target prop but might be relevant to performance, opponent strength, and even line movement.

You should use this page to get some deeper insight into a potential prop bet. Knowing at a surface level how often a prop has hit and the current odds is great, but the player performance page is where you can really take your insights to the next level.

You can also click into matchup details to get relevant information about the upcoming game such as injuries and team ranks for various statistics.

The first screen you see on Outlier.Bet is the Trends and Insights page. This page surfaces picks that have a favorable hit rate and current odds. The main difference between this screen and the Player Props page is that this gives you a text description of what the bet is and why it is a good opportunity.

This screen also lets you filter by both Date (upcoming) as well as Hit Rate if you want to focus on bets that have the highest hit rate.

Outlier.Bet My Picks

One of the coolest features of Outlier.Bet is the My Picks screen. After browsing player props, you can click on a given prop to add it to your My Picks screen.

Outlier.Bet My Picks Screen

This will give you a short list of bets you are considering. You can also clear out picks from this screen if you are no longer interested or have already placed the bet.

The My Picks screen is also where you can automatically add your bets to your bet slip. This is a really cool integration and saves a lot of time manually finding each prop bet as they are typically pretty hard to navigate to in each sportsbook’s app.

To activate the “add to bet slip” feature, you need to click on one sportsbook in the top row. Outlier shows you which sportsbooks have which prop bets available. After clicking on a single sportsbook, you will see the Continue button which will allow you to add your selected picks to your bet slip.

In the above example, clicking “Add to DraftKings betslip” will open the DraftKings Sportsbook app on your phone and automatically add these picks to your betslip:

Outlier.Bet Positive EV Review

The Positive EV section of Outlier.Bet (available with a Pro plan) surfaces the highest EV player prop bets available on the board.

The nice thing about this page is that they do all of the math for you and show you the relevant metrics on one screen:

  • EV (expected value, how much you can expect to make over the long run)
  • Vig (how much vig the sportsbook is charging on this bet)
  • Kelly (a recommendation of what percentage of your bankroll to wager on this prop if you use Kelly staking)
  • No-Vig Odds (the de-vigged odds that attempt to calculate the “true” odds of this prop hitting)
  • Best Odds (the best odds for this prop currently available along with which sportsbook it is available at)

The Positive EV section of Outlier takes a different spin on your “traditional” +EV betting you might see on other platforms such as OddsJam or Unabated. Since Outlier.Bet has such as focus on player props, they can not only surface the opportunities, but also give you easy access for you to do your due diligence on whether you think that is a good bet.

That is a big difference from other platforms as most others just give you the pick and you are on your own to determine whether you think that is a good opportunity. Since player props markets are much smaller than main markets, I recommend you dig a little deeper into each Positive EV opportunity before blindly placing bets.

Outlier.Bet Arbitrage and Middles

The Pro plan of Outlier.Bet also has sections for Arbitrage and Middles.

In my experience, these sections don’t surface too many opportunities due to the fact that Outlier only supports the 4 major sportsbooks. This limits the number of opportunities for Arbitrage and Middle bets significantly.

Outlier.Bet Boosts

Outlier also has a Boosts section in their Pro plan. The Boost section shows you what boosts are available along with their typical player performance stats alongside.

You have to do a little bit of the math yourself since many times these boosts are in the form of parlays. That means you need to figure out the odds of multiple bets hitting and comparing that to the boosted odds offered.

I typically don’t use this section very often, but if you are a regular Boost bettor then this section could offer some value for you.

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Outlier.Bet offers a 7 day free trial, so I recommend you give it a try to see how it works for you. Don’t forget to enter promo code SCOUT25 at checkout to apply 25% off your first billing period. This 25% off code also works for annual plans, giving you even more value.

Outlier.Bet Drawbacks

Not everything with Outlier.Bet is perfect. I noticed a few small issues that you should consider before jumping in:

Limited Number of Sportsbooks

As of writing, Outlier.Bet only has access to four sportsbooks and two DFS apps:

  • FanDuel
  • DraftKings
  • Caesars
  • BetMGM
  • Underdog (DFS)
  • PrizePicks (DFS)

While this is a good list of market leaders, there are many more sportsbooks available in most states. Limiting odds to just these sportsbooks really limits the opportunities for users to find the best odds.

While the trends information is interesting, I didn’t like that they add qualifiers such as home/away only stats. Personally I’d prefer to only see overall stats and it would be nice if there was a way to filter out specific types of insights.

Not Optimal for Live/In Play Lines

I tried to use Outlier for some live games, and things did not go very well. Outlier was not made for in play lines so this makes sense, but you should just be aware of this limitation.

Player prop live lines move so fast and go on/off the board so quickly that there are other ways to attack this if you are interested in live betting.

Outlier.Bet Alternatives

Outlier.Bet is a great tool for many users, but it doesn’t have what you are looking for, there are some solid alternatives on the market.

Best Outlier.Bet Player Prop Alternative: Props.Cash

If you are looking for a player prop data tool and Outlier isn’t a good fit for you, then you should try Props.Cash.

It has many similar features, including some that Outlier.Bet doesn’t have such as player performance when certain players are injured or not playing. Props.Cash has an Android app, so it is a good alternative for any Android users interested in Outlier.Bet.

Best Outlier.Bet Positive EV Alternative: OddsJam

If you are looking for a Positive EV betting tool for mobile users, you should try OddsJam.

OddsJam has a very polished app and mobile experience similar to Outlier, however OddsJam has put a focus on Positive EV betting and offers access to more sportsbooks and customization.

If you do not care about having a mobile app/product, then Unabated Sports will be your best options as they have the best odds screen on the market.

Outlier.Bet Verdict

Outlier.Bet is an amazing tool to give you an edge, especially on player props. It is perfect if you want to get more data driven in your process without spending too much time sifting through all the data.

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