Props.Cash vs. Outlier.Bet: Which is Better?

Props.Cash and Outlier.Bet are two of the best player prop sports betting tools out there.

But which one is better?

I have spent extensive time using both products and have identified where each product shines depending on what is important to you.

Key Differences Between Props.Cash and Outlier.Bet

While Props.Cash (left) and Outlier.Bet (right) are both mobile app first player prop betting tools, they do have some key differences. anthony davis points
Outlier.Bet player performance detail page

Generally speaking, Outlier.Bet has more of a focus on giving you the pick while Props.Cash is more of a true player prop research tool. Outlier.Bet has advanced features like Positive EV, Arbitrage, and Middle bets while Props.Cash sticks to the data and giving you robust tools to segment and drill down the statistics to whatever slice you can think of.

Overall, Props.Cash is your best option for pure player prop research while Outlier.Bet is better if you want some assistance in surfacing the best player prop opportunities and executing those bets.

Best Overall: Outlier.Bet

If I had to pick one, I would go with Outlier.Bet. For most users, Outlier.Bet offers a nice interface and surfaces the best opportunities to the top via their Trends and Props pages.

Outliler.Bet Trends sorted by date
Outlier.Bet player prop list

Outlier.Bet also has tighter sportsbook integrations which makes it easier to actually place the bets you are researching. Depending on how much time you want to invest in player prop research, Outlier.Bet is for a little more casual user that wants to make a more educated bet but not spend all day diving deep into the data.

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Best for Segmenting Data: Props.Cash

Props.Cash has the best data segmentation. They allow you to slice the data by almost any dimension you could think of. player prop drill down

They have the following data slices, just to name a few:

  • Full Game/Quarter/Half/Period
  • Home/Away
  • Regular Season/Playoffs
  • Opponent
  • Wins/Losses/Wins by X+/Losses by Y+
  • With/Without Specific Players

Having this data available opens up so many opportunities to find good information that can help you with your player prop betting. This is especially true if you start thinking outside the box and applying some of this data to some of the more complicated (mathematically) bets like Same Game Parlays.

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Best Sportsbook Integrations: Outlier.Bet

Both Props.Cash and Outlier.Bet show odds from the following major sportsbooks, but only Outlier.Bet offers a betslip integration.

SportsbookOutlier.BetProps.CashOutlier.Bet BetslipProps.Cash Betslip

Props.Cash shows odds from PointsBet while Outlier.Bet does not, but the big difference is when it comes to actually placing the bets. Outlier.Bet allows you to add a pick from Outlier directly to your betslip of the sportsbook where the bet is available.

Outlier.Bet My Picks Screen
Outlier.Bet adding picks to sportsbook betslip

While having more sportsbooks available for both platforms would result in more prop opportunities, Outlier’s sportsbook integrations make it very easy for you to execute on your bets, saving you a lot of time and effort.

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Best for Projections: Props.Cash

One feature that Props.Cash offers that Outlier.Bet does not is projections. While I couldn’t find and detailed explanation of where their projections come from, it appears that they may be calculating a projection based on recent performance. ncaa football player dashboard

Given both platforms are entirely based on recent performance trends, these projections are valuable when it can be tough to translate the current odds to how likely you think a given player prop will hit. Props.Cash projections make it easy by simply giving you the projection number so you can compare it to the current line.

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Props.Cash vs. Outlier.Bet Summary

Both Props.Cash and Outlier.Bet are quality options if you are looking to improve your edge as a player prop sports bettor.

Overall, I believe Outlier.Bet offers a better total package for player prop focused sports bettors while Props.Cash is best for the hardcore users looking to dive deep for valuable nuggets of data.