Right Angle Sports (RAS) Picks Review (Is It Worth It?)

Right Angle Sports (RAS) is the best sports betting picks service available, backed by a verifiable record and the only pick service that seriously moves lines after they release their plays.

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Overall Rating: Outstanding 🥇

Right Angle Sports Review

Right Angle Sports Picks releases sports betting picks to subscribers, allowing them to bet with positive expected value before the market can react.

RAS has a long and documented history of winning (since 1996!) and is one of the most respected betting groups in the world. When RAS releases plays, the market reacts.

Try RAS Picks for as low as $10!

RAS Picks Pros ✅

  • Gives you the chance to make +EV bets
  • Documented winning record for 20+ years
  • Releases plays on main markets with high limits

RAS Picks Cons ❌

  • Need to be available to make the bets when plays are released
  • Market moves fast when plays are released
  • Need to manage risk over many plays due to variance

In my experience, RAS Picks is best for bettors that:

  • Want to win without investing the time and energy of researching and following the market
  • Want to have confidence they are placing +EV bets
  • Can be available to place the bets when picks are released

What is RAS Picks?

Right Angle Sports (RAS) Picks is a sports betting pick selling service and profitable betting group that has been operating for more than 25 years.

While pick selling services are very common, Right Angle Sports is one of the few (maybe only?) service that has been in business for so long and has been able to show a consistent winning record over the years.

RAS was founded by Edward Golden way back in 1996. He has grown the operation from his personal research to a team of six other originators and ten additional researchers.

What Sports Do RAS Play?

RAS focuses primarily on three sports: NFL, College Football, and College Basketball. They generally stick to main markets, but also have started to offer prop plays more recently.

Does RAS Picks Win?

Right Angle Sports is one of the few pick selling services that has a long and documented record of success.

They have a 56.6% win rate over the last two years on all sports, including a 64.1% win rate on college football over the same time span. You can find a full breakdown of every public pick they have had since 1997(!) to verify their numbers.

What separates RAS from other pick selling services is their transparency. You will not find this level of detail and accounting for their picks in other services. Only groups that actually win would go to these lengths to show you their true record.

RAS also lists each individual pick, along with the release source, the result (win/loss), closing line, and closing line value (CLV):

Who trusts RAS Picks?

RAS picks has the attention and respect of some of the biggest voices in the sports betting industry such as Spanky, Rob Pizzola, and Gill Alexander:

In addition to these respected sports bettors, the true gauge of how much respect RAS commands comes from the sportsbooks. When RAS release picks, the lines move almost instantly.


Because sportsbooks know that RAS is a successful betting group and their opinion should be respected. If you are following other betting groups or pick services and their releases are not moving lines, I’d be wary of the long term viability of their success.

How does RAS Picks Work?

RAS releases their picks via their “Set Up and Go” process. The Set Up and Go process involves two steps:

  1. Set Up
  2. Go/Cancel/Opposite

What is the Set Up for Right Angle Sports?

When you get a Set Up message from RAS, it simply means to go into your sportsbook (web browser or app), and place the bet in your bet slip. Note that you should NOT yet place the bet.

The Set Up allows you to place the best as fast as possible once the bet is confirmed.

Go/Cancel/Opposite: What to Do

A few minutes after you receive the Set Up, you will get another message that is one of the three:

  • Go: Place the bet
  • Cancel: Do not place the bet
  • Opposite: Place the opposite side of the bet

The Go option is pretty straightforward. But on the surface, it might seem less clear why RAS would send a Cancel or Opposite.

The reason for a Cancel or Opposite call is due to frontrunners. If RAS always played the picks they sent on the Set Up, then there would be no reason for you to wait for the Go call. Still, there are people that are betting (ha!) that most RAS picks will be Go calls and they will place the bet when they receive the Set Up.

This may work some of the time, but if enough people do it then the lines could actually move so much that the Opposite side becomes much better value. In rare cases where this happens, RAS will send an Opposite call, instructing you to place the Opposite side of the Set Up they sent.

For example, if they sent a Set Up to bet on a home favorite -2 and then an Opposite call, that would mean that you would place the bet on the road dog at +2.

Example of an RAS Release

You can see how quickly the lines move after their releases. It shows how closely the sportsbooks are monitoring RAS plays and how much they value an RAS opinion on a game.

How Does RAS Send the Picks?

Picks are only available on RASpicks.com or via their Release Shows. Their goal is to make sure everyone has equal access to the picks in a timely manner. Certain messaging systems may be inconsistent, so they choose to release everything through their website.

How to Take Advantage of RAS Picks

When you get a Set Up from RAS, you need to immediately get it ready in your bet slip. You will often have 1-3 minutes between the Set Up and an official call, but there is no reason to wait. You need to act as soon as you get the message.

If you do have your bet ready in your bet slip and the number moves before you can get your bet down, do NOT place the bet at worse odds. Getting the right number is absolutely essential to the success of RAS. You will not have +EV bets if you are betting RAS picks at worse numbers.

RAS advises against betting anything that isn’t their exact number such as:

  1. Do not bet a line after it moves
  2. Do not buy points to get to the same number
  3. Do not bet the same line in play

If you miss a play, it stinks, but just move on to the next one. It may happen time to time, so you just need to be prepared and have a plan when this happens.

Should you Use RAS Picks?

Right Angle Sports is the premiere pick selling service in the industry. If you are considering paying for picks, RAS is the only service I would recommend.

They have an long, documented history of winning, top notch team, and clearly move lines when they take a position. The combination of these three things make RAS an easy choice for anyone looking to pay for picks.

You are most likely to have success with RAS plays if you have access to multiple sportsbook accounts, aren’t limited anywhere, and can be available for their releases.

RAS Risks

While RAS is clearly the top option when it comes to pick services, however there are some risks to consider.

Accounts Getting Limited

If you are not smart with your betting, it is possible the risk of being limited on your sportsbook accounts increases. It is worth noting that your risk of being limited increases any time you have sustained success, no matter what form that comes in (chasing steam/news, getting consistent CLV, etc.). You should always think about your accounts strategically and make sure you are taking the proper precautions to avoid being limited when possible.

You Miss the Play

It is possible that you were ready for a play and still weren’t quick enough to get your bet down. This may happen from time to time, and it is just a reality of following a service that moves lines so quickly. If this happens to you, don’t chase the play and just wait for the next release (as hard as that may be).

RAS Packages

RAS offers different packages based on how many picks you want to buy as well as the “class” of what markets will be targeted.

Depending on the sport, there are two tiers of plays: Flagship and Starter.

The Flagship Service will include plays that are on the main board sides and totals only. These markets will have the highest limits and are the least likely to be flagged as suspicious by sportsbooks. The Flagship Service also has customizable service options with regards to release windows and play types. Another benefit is that you can get prorated refunds upon request if at any time you would like to cancel your service.

The Starter Service is limited to “extra rotation” games (some of the more obscure college basketball matchups like Cal Baptist vs. Cal Riverside), main board late releases and all second half plays.

Pick packages range from as low as 1 pick if you want to try the service, all the way up to 70 picks for a league like College Basketball.

Note that you can buy a single pick for as low as $10 if you just want to try the service. I’d recommend that route for anyone new and wants to see what RAS is all about. It is a great way to get comfortable with the process.

Depending on the service you select, some have the option to Pause your subscription. This means that if you know you will be unavailable for a certain amount of time (vacation, sick, etc.), then you are able to Pause your subscription and still have a credit for the plays you paid for. Unused plays can be refunded any time.

If you are on the fence and want to speak with someone directly at RAS, you can book a meeting to talk with them and have them answer your questions. I’d definitely recommend this option if you are considering signing up for the service.

Right Angle Sports (RAS) Picks FAQ

What if I miss a play I paid for?

If you miss a play you paid for, then unfortunately the play is used. RAS can’t control what happens after they release a play, so it is on you to make sure you are prepared and do everything you can to execute.

What payment methods do they take?

RAS accepts credit card, Google Pay, and Bitcoin. To pay via Bitcoin, you will need to send an email to admin@raspicks.com and they will send you payment instructions.

When does RAS release plays?

Release times depend on the package and sport you select. For NFL, RAS generally releases on Monday mornings at 8 AM PT along with another midweek release on Wednesday. For the College Basketball Starter Service, those plays are released at 2 PM PT on weekdays. These are all subject to change, so be sure to check in with RAS on their release schedule.

How many plays a year does RAS release?

RAS is not a high volume pick service, so you need to be ready when you do get an alert for a pick. The number of plays varies by sport. See below for the average number of plays over the last 5 years for each sport:

  • NFL: 49 plays
  • College Football: 48 plays
  • College Basketball: 225 plays

As you can see, College Basketball is much higher volume (partially due to the fact that so many more games are played). Keep these numbers in mind when you are choosing your plan and balancing your availability.

Will I get limited by sportsbooks if I use RAS picks?

If you are not smart about spreading out your RAS plays across multiple sportsbooks, it is possible you could get limited by a sportsbook. See the video below to hear directly from RAS on their thoughts on getting limited:

You can also follow these tactics to help avoid being limited if you are going to use RAS picks.

Does RAS offer any customer support?

Yes, RAS has a support chat built right into their pick release site, raspicks.com.