100 to 1 Odds Payout Calculator

The 100 to 1 odds payout calculator will show you how much will be returned to you if you win your bet.

Enter your wager amount and see what your payout and profit on the bet will be.

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What is the Payout on 100 to 1 Odds?

The payout on 100 to 1 odds is 100 times your risk amount, plus your original wager amount.

So if you bet $10 at 100 to 1 odds, your payout would be $1,010 if you won. That means your profit would be $1,000 ($1,010 payout – $10 risk).

How to Calculate the Payout for 100 to 1 Odds

To calculate the payout for 100 to 1 odds, you take your bet amount and multiply it by 100. You then take this number and add your bet amount.

This number will be the amount returned to you if you win your 100 to 1 odds bet.

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100 to 1 Odds Payout Chart

wdt_IDWager Amount ($)PayoutProfit

100 to 1 Odds in Different Formats

100 to 1 odds can be displayed in many different formats:

Each of these odds formats represent the same 100 to 1 odds. Depending on what you are betting on (sports, horse racing, etc.) and where you are (USA vs. elsewhere), some odds formats may be more common.

What is 100 to 1 Odds as a Percentage?

100 to 1 odds is equivalent to 1%. 100 to 1 odds implies that the bet will win 1 out of 100 times (1/100), or 1%.

Are 100 to 1 Odds Good or Bad?

100 to 1 odds are good because they offer a high potential payout, but could also be seen as bad due to a low probability of winning (1%). You must decide whether the risk/return balance is suitable for you.