Baseball Parlay Calculator (MLB) 2024: Find Your Edge

Find the odds of winning your MLB baseball parlay with the free baseball parlay calculator below.

How to Use the Baseball Parlay Calculator

Enter your wager amount and odds (yellow fields) for each leg of the baseball parlay and you will see your potential profit, equivalent American and Decimal odds, as well as the implied win probability of your baseball parlay bet.

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For a single bet, enter odds in American format. A minus sign (-) indicates a favorite while a plus sign (+) indicates an underdog.

Moneyline odds are the most common bets in a parlay, however you can select any type of bet. If you have baseball run lines or baseball totals, simply enter the odds associated with each of those bets. This works the same as our popular parlay calculator.

Baseball Parlay Calculator Example

Let’s say you were betting the following 5 leg MLB baseball parlay:

  • Houston Astros -135
  • Detroit Tigers +160
  • New York Yankees -175
  • Los Angeles Dodgers -140
  • Chicago Cubs +115

If you entered each of those odds into the baseball parlay calculator, you would see that the final odds of the parlay are +2521. That means a $10 would pay out $262.13.

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See Your Baseball Parlay Odds with Bets that Push

You can also check the Push boxes if your bet has pushed. Checking this box will adjust the baseball parlay odds to account for the fact that you have pushed a given bet.

A bet could push if you bet on a run line or total that hit exactly. For example, if the over/under for the Houston Astros/Boston Red Sox was 8 and the total runs scored in the game was equal to 8, that would be a push.

Baseball Parlay Payouts Chart

Number of Bets in ParlayFair Payout (-110 Odds)Fractional OddsFair Payout on a $10 BetImplied Win Probability
2 Team Parlay3.642.64/1$36.4527.4%
3 Team Parlay6.965.96/1$69.5814.4%
4 Team Parlay13.2812.28/1$132.837.5%
5 Team Parlay25.3624.36/1$253.593.9%
6 Team Parlay48.4147.41/1$484.132.1%
7 Team Parlay92.4291.42/1$924.241.1%
8 Team Parlay176.45175.45/1$1,764.460.6%
9 Team Parlay336.85335.85/1$3,368.520.3%
10 Team Parlay643.08642.08/1$6,430.820.2%

Baseball Parlay Betting FAQ

How do you calculate baseball parlay odds?

1. Convert all bets to decimal odds
2. Multiply the decimal odds of each bet together
3. Convert combined decimal odds back to American odds

How much will my baseball parlay pay?

Your parlay pay out will depend on the odds and bet amount of each leg of your parlay. You can use the parlay calculator above to see exactly how much your parlay will pay given the odds of each bet in the parlay.

What happens when a bet in a baseball parlay pushes?

When one leg of a parlay pushes (“ties”), then that bet is essentially excluded from the parlay without making the whole bet a loss. When calculating the parlay odds, that bet will essentially be removed from the equation.

Do you need to bet the money line to bet a baseball parlay?

No, you can parlay almost any bet type. Money line bets are the most common, however you can also include point spreads, totals, props, etc.