Hedge Calculator for Sports Betting 2024 (Maximize Expected Value)

Use the free hedging calculator for betting below to find how much to wager to guarantee profits. You can also vary your hedge bet amount and see the resulting profit depending on the results.

Hedge Calculator Examples

There are many examples in sports betting where you may want to hedge (or arbitrage) your original bet. Using this hedge betting calculator simplifies the math for you. You no longer need to manually figure out how much you need to be laying on each side.

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How to Hedge a Parlay Bet

Say you have a $5 bet on a five team NFL parlay:

  • Detroit Lions -110
  • New York Giants -110
  • New England Patriots -110
  • Dallas Cowboys -110
  • Green Bay Packers -110

Using our parlay calculator, you would see that the parlay would return $126.80 at +2436 odds.

You have already won the Lions, Giants, Patriots, and Cowboys bets. The Green Bay Packers play the Chicago Bears on Monday Night Football and you have two options:

  1. Let the parlay ride and hope the Packers win
  2. Hedge your parlay and place a bet on the Chicago Bears (-110)

If you want to hedge the parlay, you would be on the Chicago Bears. Using the hedge calculator, you would plug in the following inputs:

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  • Original Bet: $5
  • Original Odds: +2436
  • Hedge Odds: -110

The calculator shows that if you placed a $66.42 bet on the Chicago Bears at -110 then you would be guaranteed a profit of $55.38.

The Other Way to Hedge a Parlay

Using a round robin is another way to hedge a parlay. While this hedge doesn’t include betting on both sides of the game, it does mean that you don’t need every leg of your parlay to hit.

A round robin is simply a series of smaller parlay bets that create unique combinations of your original parlay. The odds aren’t quite as good for these bets, although they also have a higher likelihood of winning compared to a parlay.

How to Hedge a Live Bet

Say you bet $10 on the New York Knicks moneyline against the Houston Rockets at odds of +350.

In the 2nd quarter, the Knicks are up 15 points and the Rockets have a live moneyline of -120. If you wanted to hedge your original Knicks bet, you could place a moneyline bet on the Rockets.

If you input these numbers into the hedge calculator, you will get a hedge bet amount of $24.55.

Placing a $10 bet on the Knicks at +350 and another bet of $24.55 on the Rockets at -120 would result in a guaranteed profit of $10.46.

Hedge Calculator Frequently Asked Questions

How do I use the hedge bet calculator?

Simply enter your original bet amount, original bet odds, and your hedge bet odds into the calculator. It will output the bet amount needed in order to guarantee a profit no matter the result of the game.

What if I don’t want a guaranteed profit?

You can use the bottom section of the calculator to vary the hedge bet amount. The box at the very bottom will show you your profit depending on which side of the bet wins.

What is the difference between hedge betting and arbitrage sports betting?

A hedge will decrease your risk while maintaining some amount of profit. Arbitrage (scalping) guarantees a profit no matter what the result of the bets are.

When should you use a sports betting hedge calculator?

The hedge betting calculator is useful for anyone that wants to explore what their potential return will be given different scenarios. Some people may use the hedge calculator and determine that they should not hedge their bet. The hedge calculator gives you the information you need to make the best decision.