NFL Odds Data Spreadsheet (Live Updates)

Want live NFL odds in an Excel spreadsheet?

Download the free NFL live odds Excel spreadsheet here:

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NFL Odds Spreadsheet Makes It Easy

After years of being tired of switching back and forth between Excel and my browser to see how the lines compared to my model, I decided to build something that would make things easier.

With this NFL odds spreadsheet, you will instantly be able to compare lines for major markets across ALL major sportsbooks worldwide.

NBA Live Odds in Excel

The markets included in the spreadsheet are:

  • Point Spread
  • Moneyline
  • Total
  • Outrights

On top of that, you compare these markets at the following sportsbooks (to name a few):

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NBA Live Odds Settings

How to Use the NFL Odds Spreadsheet

The NHL live odds spreadsheet has just a few simple steps to get started:

  1. Get an API key to get access to the odds
  2. Add your API key to the Settings tab along with your other preferred parameters

NFL Odds That Automatically Update

The main benefit the spreadsheet brings is automatically updating odds. The spreadsheet is set to update in 15 minute intervals automatically. If you find that you need updated odds before that, you can always go to Data -> Refresh All to update the data.

What You Can Do with Live NFL Odds in a Spreadsheet

Having live NFL odds in a spreadsheet opens up many opportunities for analysis. While having the raw data gives you the opportunity to build whatever you’d like, below are a few ideas on how to use the data:

Compare Your Model to Live NFL Odds

If you build models in a spreadsheet, having live NFL odds is a big time saver.

Once your model has output your desired metrics (win probability, spread, total, etc.), you can match up those numbers to the current lines.

This will not only tell you how much of an edge you have (if at all), but will also show you where the best available odds are.

Build a Custom Odds Screen

Similar to odds screens you will find on the web, you can build your own version in a spreadsheet.

The advantage to having it in a spreadsheet is that it is fully customizable. You can add custom calculations, settings, etc. that fit your needs.

Alternatively you can check out the Sportsbook Scout Odds Comparison spreadsheet if you don’t want to build one yourself.

Supplement Live NFL Odds with More Data

Having odds in a spreadsheet allows you to pull in any other data source you’d like. You could add things like injury news, lineups, stats, recent tweets, etc. that could be beneficial information to join with your odds.