NFL Odds Excel Spreadsheet 2021 (Live Updates)

Want live NFL odds in an Excel spreadsheet?

You have come to the right place.

Download the free NFL live odds Excel spreadsheet here:

Here is a screenshot of what you can expect when you download and open the spreadsheet:

NFL odds comparison

NFL Odds Spreadsheet Makes It Easy

After years of being tired of switching back and forth between Excel and my browser to see how the lines compared to my model, I decided to build something that would make things easier.

With this NFL odds spreadsheet, you will instantly be able to compare lines for the major markets across 6 major US sportsbooks.

The markets included in the spreadsheet are:

  • Point Spread
  • Moneyline
  • Total

On top of that, you compare these markets at the following sportsbooks:

How to Use the NFL Odds Spreadsheet

Using the spreadsheet should be pretty straightforward, however I will highlight a few benefits of the spreadsheet.

NFL Odds Automatically Update

The main benefit the spreadsheet brings is automatically updating odds. The spreadsheet is set to update in 5 minute intervals automatically. If you find that you need updated odds before that, you can always go to Data -> Refresh All to update the data.

NFL Odds Actually Link to the Exact Matchup and Bet

One frustrating thing I have seen with odds comparison sites is that the usually link to affiliate sign ups or simply the sportsbook home page.

This spreadsheet will take you directly to the specific matchup on whatever sportsbook you click on:

Pointsbet NFL

Market Hold for NFL Moneyline is Automatically Calculated

Market hold is a crucial concept if you want to gain an edge long term in sports betting. When looking at moneylines, the market hold is automatically calculated for you:

Additionally, the implied win probabilities are calculated for each moneyline bet. This is especially useful for comparing a projected win percentage output by your model to what the market has.