No Vig Calculator: Easily Find the Vig Free Odds

Calculating the no vig line (fair odds) is an important tool to have when evaluating sports bets. This calculator shows you the vig free odds for a given line.

How to Use the No Vig Calculator

To use the vig free calculator, enter American odds (ex: -110) for each team and view the corresponding no vig odds and implied win probability.

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Calculating no vig odds allow you to see the true odds (and implied win percentage) assumed by the bookmaker.

Modeling your own implied win percentages and comparing to the bookmaker’s no vig odds will see how your analysis stacks up against the market.

For example, if you enter odds of -110 and -110, that would mean the no vig odds are flat (50% win probability for each side). You can use this information if you are modeling lines yourself by calculating an expected win probability. You could compare your projected win probability compares against the bookmakers implied probability and see if there is a significant difference.

Why are No Vig Odds Useful?

No vig odds are very useful for modelers trying to predict win probability. By removing the vig from a sportsbook’s line, you can see what the real implied win probability is.

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No vig is also referred to as “vig free”, “juice free”, “fair odds”, and “true odds”. No matter what you call it, they all represent a more accurate probability of an outcome occurring.

Calculating the no vig odds also gives you insight into how much vig a given sportsbook is charging. If you want to view the vig % directly, you can check out our vig calculator.

Another use case for no vig odds are when you are line shopping across multiple sportsbooks. Using the best odds on each side of a bet can give you an idea of the “market edge” that exists.

How to Calculate No Vig Odds

To calculate the no vig odds, you first must convert the odds to implied win probability. Once you have implied win probabilities for each side of the bet, you use this formula:

Team A Implied Win Probability / (Team A Win Implied Win Probability + Team B Implied Win Probability)

You can do the same for Team B. When you add Team A vig free odds + Team B vig free odds, you will get 100%.

For example, take the following line: New York Mets +130 / Atlanta Braves -150

You can convert these odds to the following implied win probabilities:

New York Mets +130 = 43.5% win probability
Atlanta Braves -150 = 60% win probability

New York Mets no vig odds = 43.5% / (43.5% + 60%) = 42% true win probability
Atlanta Braves no vig odds = 60% / (43.5% = 60%) = 58% true win probability

Note that 42% + 58% = 100%! This removes the vig from both lines. To convert these back to American odds, you will see the vig free line moves to:

New York Mets +139
Atlanta Braves -139

This is a straightforward way to remove vig from odds and get you closer to the true odds.