Odds Boost Calculator: Easily Find How Big Your Boost Is

Want to know how big your odds boost is? Easily calculate it using the odds boost calculator below:

Odds Boost Calculator: How to Use

To use the odds boost calculator, enter the “base” or “was” odds in the first box, and the boosted odds in the second box. Both boxes use American odds only.

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Once both boxes are filled, the Odds Boost Percentage box will show you how big of a boost there is in terms of percentage.

Odds Boost Calculator Example

Take the following odds boost below:

Odds Boost Example

To calculate how big this odds boost is, I would enter the following values:

  • Base Odds = +105
  • Boosted Odds = +150

Using these odds, the odds boost percentage comes out to +21.95%.

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How do you calculate the odds on a boost?

To calculate the odds on a boost, you first need to convert the odds to decimal.

Once you have your odds in decimal format, you can use the following odds boost formula to calculate the boost:

(Boosted odds / original odds) – 1

This number will tell you how big of an odds boost you are receiving as a percentage.