Best Sports Betting Odds Calculator and Converter

The sports betting odds calculator allows you to convert odds across American and Decimal odds. The odds calculator will also tell you the equivalent win probability as well as return and profit given a wager amount. Fields with a yellow background are editable.

How to use a sports betting calculator

The sports betting calculator above allows you to see various outputs such as decimal odds, implied win probability, amount returned on a bet, and bet profit.

The yellow fields above are input cells. All you need to enter are the American odds of a bet (either by using the slider or entering the value in the field) and the wager amount.

You can use the calculator a few different ways:

  • Convert American odds to Decimal odds
  • Convert American odds to an implied win probability percentage
  • Return the profit of a given bet if it wins

The betting odds calculator will work for any type of bet: point spread, moneyline, total, or props. For any bet that has a handicap value set (ex: a point spread of -6, total of 43, etc.), you can ignore that part and simply enter the odds associated with that bet.

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Moneyline Odds Calculator

Take for example the following matchup and associated moneyline odds to win the game:

Minnesota Vikings (+260) at San Francisco 49ers (-330)

I have bolded the moneyline odds to make it obvious what we are looking for. If you wanted to place a $10 bet on the San Francisco 49ers at -330, you could enter -330 in the odds calculator above.

You would see the following information as a result. Odds of -330:

  • Decimal odds = 1.30
  • Implied win probability = 76.7%
  • $10 bet returns $13.03
  • $10 bet profits $3.03

Point Spread, Total (Over/Under), and Props

Let’s say you wanted to bet a different market on the same game. Using the Vikings/49ers example, we have the following markets:

Point Spread: Vikings +7 (-110) at 49ers -7 (-110)

Total: Over 44.5 (-120), Under 44.5 (+105)

Prop: Kirk Cousins TD Passes: Over 2.5 (+165), Under 2.5 (-190)

I have highlighted the actual odds you would enter for any of the given markets. Despite each example above representing a different bet, they all have odds that you can enter into the calculator.

Win Probability Calculator

The odds calculator will also tell you the implied win probability a given set of odds represents.

You can also check out our implied win probability to odds calculator if you want to take a win percentage and translate it to American or Decimal odds.

Using the previous example, American odds of -330 represents a 76.7% implied win probability.

Why is this useful?

Knowing the implied win probability of a bet is extremely useful if you are doing your own modeling. If you have a model that says the San Francisco 49ers have a 79% chance to win the game, you could compare that to the implied win probability to see how it compares.

While most models are unlikely to be sharper than the market number, it is a useful comparison point to see how your “number” compares to the market.