Parlay Payout Calculator (with Push) for Sports Betting 2022

Find the odds of winning your sports bet parlay with the free parlay calculator (with push) below.

How to Use the Parlay Calculator

Enter your wager amount and odds (yellow fields) for each leg of the parlay and you will see your potential profit, equivalent American and Decimal odds, as well as the implied win probability of your parlay bet.

For a single bet, enter odds in American format. A minus sign (-) indicates a favorite while a plus sign (+) indicates an underdog.

Moneyline odds are the most common bets in a parlay, however you can select any type of bet. A money line bet is a wager on which team you think will win. Therefore money line bets are the most straight forward and easiest to interpret, especially when there are multiple in a parlay.

See Your Parlay Odds with Bets that Push

You can also check the Push boxes if your bet has pushed. Checking this box will adjust the parlay odds to account for the fact that you have pushed a given bet.

A “push” or tie, means that your bet will not cause your parlay to be graded as a loss. Instead that leg of the parlay will basically be ignored when calculating the payout of your parlay.

A bet could push if you bet on a point spread or total that hit exactly. For example, if the New York Knicks were +8 against the Los Angeles Lakers and lost by exactly 8 points, that would be a push.

Parlay Payouts Chart

Number of Bets in ParlayFair Payout (-110 Odds)Fractional OddsFair Payout on a $10 BetImplied Win Probability
2 Team Parlay3.642.64/1$36.4527.4%
3 Team Parlay6.965.96/1$69.5814.4%
4 Team Parlay13.2812.28/1$132.837.5%
5 Team Parlay25.3624.36/1$253.593.9%
6 Team Parlay48.4147.41/1$484.132.1%
7 Team Parlay92.4291.42/1$924.241.1%
8 Team Parlay176.45175.45/1$1,764.460.6%
9 Team Parlay336.85335.85/1$3,368.520.3%
10 Team Parlay643.08642.08/1$6,430.820.2%

Parlay Betting FAQ

How do you calculate parlay odds?

1. Convert all bets to decimal odds
2. Multiply the decimal odds of each bet together
3. Convert combined decimal odds back to American odds

How much will my parlay pay?

Your parlay pay out will depend on the odds and bet amount of each leg of your parlay. You can use the parlay calculator above to see exactly how much your parlay will pay given the odds of each bet in the parlay.

How much does a 10 team parlay pay?

A 10 team parlay will pay out 643 times your wager amount assuming each leg of the parlay has -110 odds. For example, if you place a $10 bet on a 10 team parlay, your pay out would be $6,430.

What does a $20 two team parlay pay?

A $20 two team parlay pays $72.89 assuming both legs of the parlay were bet at -110 odds. This would result in a profit of $52.89.

What happens when a bet in a parlay pushes?

When one leg of a parlay pushes (“ties”), then that bet is essentially excluded from the parlay without making the whole bet a loss. When calculating the parlay odds, that bet will essentially be removed from the equation.

Do you need to bet the money line to bet a parlay?

No, you can parlay almost any bet type. Money line bets are the most common, however you can also include point spreads, totals, props, etc.