Parlay Calculator Excel Spreadsheet (Free Download)

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How to Use the Excel Parlay Calculator

The Excel Parlay Calculator is a very simple sports betting tool. All you need to do is enter the odds of each leg of your parlay into the “Odds” column:

Parlay calculator in Excel showing American odds

The spreadsheet allows for both American and Decimal odds. To change your odds format, simply click the drop down menu next to “Odds Type” and select either American or Decimal.

Parlay calculator in excel showing American and Decimal odds types

The parlay spreadsheet also gives you an option to identify a leg as a Push. Jut click the dropdown in the “Push” column and select “Yes” if your bet was a push. This will modify the final parlay odds to reflect the leg that pushed.

parlay calculator in excel with push

You will also see the implied win probability of each leg of the parlay, in addition to the final parlay implied win probability.

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