Probability to Odds Calculator for Sports Betting 🔢 (American and Decimal)

Enter the win probability using the slider or form and see the equivalent American and Decimal sports betting odds.

Implied Probability Calculator Use Cases for Sports Betting

There are many use cases for converting a win probability to odds using this betting odds calculator:

  • You are creating your own model that predicts a win percentage and want to see how that translates to odds
  • You want to display a win probability in a format that is easy to understand from a betting perspective
  • You want to set fair odds for a bet of your own

How do you calculate odds from an implied win probability?

Given a win probability percentage, you calculate the equivalent decimal odds by taking 1 / Win Probability. For example, if your win probability is 62%, then your equivalent decimal odds are 1/0.62 = 1.61.