Sports Betting Odds Comparison Spreadsheet 2024 (Live Odds)

Want to compare live sports betting odds across sportsbooks in a Google spreadsheet?

Tired of doing all your modelling for sports betting in a spreadsheet, only to have to go and reference multiple other sites to find out what the current lines are?

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If you are looking to solve these problems, you have come to the right place.

How to Compare Betting Odds in a Google Sheets Spreadsheet

The video above will give you a run down of how the spreadsheet works and what possibilities it opens up.

Many other odds screens charge a monthly fee. You can gain access to the Sportsbook Scout Odds Screen with a one time purchase here:

Do you just want live odds in an Excel spreadsheet? See below for league specific spreadsheets that will give you live odds for free:

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NFL Odds Data SpreadsheetMLB Odds Data Spreadsheet
NBA Odds Data SpreadsheetNHL Odds Data Spreadsheet

Why You Need to be Using an Odds Screen

The video below from Circles Off does an excellent job explaining what an odds screen is, and why you need to be using one to gain an edge:

Potential uses of an odds screen:

  • Finding the best price for a given bet
  • Comparing recreational sportsbooks to market making sportsbooks
  • Identify low hold markets
  • Identifying off market numbers
  • Analyzing line movement

How to Use the Sportsbook Scout Sports Betting Odds Comparison Spreadsheet

The Sportsbook Scout Sports Betting Odds Comparison Spreadsheet looks and feels like your traditional odds screen in many ways.

Sports betting odds comparison screen showing moneyline odds

The spreadsheet shows you upcoming games by league with the following information:

  • Market Hold Percentage
  • The best odds available (sportsbook with the best odds is highlighted in green)
  • Market Maker odds (you can select your market making book)
  • Odds at each sportsbook you select
  • An “off market” column which shows you the sportsbooks that have the biggest variance vs. your market making sportsbook

How to Maximize Odds Comparison Spreadsheet Value: Custom Settings

In the Settings tab, you are able to configure the spreadsheet according to the settings you prefer.

sports betting odds comparison settings page

Timezone: You can change which timezone you want game times to appear in. In this example, I have chosen Central time.

Market Maker: You can choose which sportsbook you want to identify as your market making sportsbook. The odds from this sportsbook will be used to compare to other sportsbooks to populate the “Off Market” column and “Best Bets” tab.

Sportsbook: You can choose which sportsbooks you would like to compare odds against. I recommend that you only select sportsbooks where you can actually place bets, however having other popular sportsbooks lines could be useful to reference as well.

Half Point Value: This value represents how much a half point should be worth. For example, if you choose 12, then that would mean that the Knicks -5 (-110) and Knicks -4.5 (-122) would be seen as equivalent. The same applies to totals. Over 221 (-110) and Over 220.5 (-122) would also be seen as equivalent.

Off Market Threshold (%): This value, entered as a negative percentage, represents how big of a gap there needs to be between a sportsbook and your market making book to identify it as an opportunity. The default is -2.5% which is a bit aggressive. Lowering this threshold to something like -1% will show more opportunities, but with a lower perceived edge.

Delay – Fast: This time value represents which cells should be green based on how fresh the lines are. The default is 30 seconds, but can be changed to any value.

Delay – Slow: This value represents which cells should be red based on how fresh the lines are. The goal is to make sure stale lines stand out as an alert in case you haven’t refreshed the sheet recently.

Sports Betting Odds Comparison Spreadsheet Features

Compare moneyline, spread and totals odds across the following legal US sportsbooks:

You can also select more sportsbooks from the dropdown by clicking Ctrl and choosing which countries sportsbooks you would like to see:

sportsbooks odds comparison select options

Note that you can use international sportsbooks like Pinnacle, BetOnline, and LowVig to use as your market maker, even if you can’t/won’t bet at those sportsbooks.

Because the file lives in Google Sheets and updates automatically, you can also do any analysis you would like in this file.

The big benefit here is that you could reference the live odds compared to your numbers. This will save you a lot of time jumping from sportsbook to sportsbook checking odds.

Odds Comparison Best Bets

The spreadsheet also feature a tab called “Best Bets”.

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sports betting odds comparison spreadsheet best bets tab

This tab looks across each of the main markets (spread, total, moneyline) and surfaces only the bets that meet your criteria you chose in the Setting tab with regards to your Off Market threshold.

For example, if you chose -1.5% as your Off Market threshold, then this page would show you all of the bets that are off market by at least -1.5%.

This allows you to easily scan multiple markets and find the best opportunities easily. This makes things really easy for top down bettors.

Sports Betting Odds Comparison Spreadsheet Bet Types

The most popular bet types are available:

  • Point Spread
  • Moneyline
  • Total

When viewing moneyline odds, the spreadsheet also displays a percentage that represents the implied win percentage.

Using the implied winning percentages, there is a column labeled “Mkt. Hold” which stands for Market Hold.

Without knowing anything about the game or teams, using the odds comparison tool will give you a huge leg up simply by betting the best numbers available. The lower the market hold on the game, the better chance you will have to win long term.

Live Sports Betting Odds in a Google Sheets Spreadsheet

The sheet will also update with the live lines for these bet types when available.

Live odds are particularly interesting as lines can get really out of wack between sportsbooks, representing an opportunity for you.

Why is comparing sports betting odds important?

Using odds comparison services is an easy way to get an edge. Getting the best possible price is one way to help you win at sports betting long term.

Imagine you are going to buy a new laptop. What would you do?

For me, once I found the laptop I wanted to buy, I would shop around for the best price. Just a little bit of research would likely save you a lot of money.

The same applies to sports betting odds. The nice part is all of the price comparisons have been done for you, and are automatically updated every minute.

Using sports betting tools like this will help you win at sports betting in the long run.

Sportsbook Scout Odds Screen Alternatives

Having an odds screen available in Google Sheets opens up unlimited customization ideas with regards to comparing lines. You can supplement the current odds with your own model or 3rd party data to help tell you which is the right side.

You will no longer have to constantly flip between your spreadsheet and your browser to check what the current odds are.

Sportsbook Scout Odds Screen vs. Odds Jam

Odds Jam is a popular paid web based odds screen. They have a ton of different features which can be useful for many different bettors.

The main drawback is the price. Odds Jam charges a monthly fee of $200+ depending on which package you select.

The Sportsbook Scout Odds Screen is just a one time purchase for lifetime access to live odds. That makes it more accessible to bettors with smaller bankrolls, or simply bettors that don’t need all the bells and whistles that Odds Jam provides.

Sportsbook Scout Odds Screen vs. Unabated

Unabated is another web based odds screen that is very similar to Odds Jam. They offer different tools such as the ability to upload your own projections which is a nice feature.

Their monthly fee can be much lower than Odds Jam (as low as ~$80 per month), however it still requires a monthly fee to use their service.