Sports Betting Odds Comparison Spreadsheet 2023 (Live Odds)

Want to compare live sports betting odds across sportsbooks in a Google spreadsheet?

Tired of doing all your modelling for sports betting in a spreadsheet, only to have to go and reference multiple other sites to find out what the current lines are?

If you are looking to solve these problems, you have come to the right place.

How to Compare Betting Odds in a Google Sheets Spreadsheet

The video below will give you a run down of how the spreadsheet works and what possibilities it opens up:

Many other odds screens charge a monthly fee. You can gain access to the Sportsbook Scout Odds Screen with a one time purchase here:

Do you just want live odds in an Excel spreadsheet? See below for league specific spreadsheets that will give you live odds for free:

NFL Odds Data SpreadsheetMLB Odds Data Spreadsheet
NBA Odds Data SpreadsheetNHL Odds Data Spreadsheet

Why You Need to be Using an Odds Screen

The video below from Circles Off does an excellent job explaining what an odds screen is, and why you need to be using one to gain an edge:

Potential uses of an odds screen:

  • Finding the best price for a given bet
  • Comparing recreational sportsbooks to market making sportsbooks
  • Identify low hold markets
  • Identifying off market numbers
  • Analyzing line movement

Sports Betting Odds Comparison Spreadsheet Features

Compare moneyline, spread and totals odds across the following legal US sportsbooks:

Because the file lives in Google Sheets and updates automatically, you can also do any analysis you would like in this file.

The big benefit here is that you could reference the live odds compared to your numbers. This will save you a lot of time jumping from sportsbook to sportsbook checking odds.

Sports Betting Odds Comparison Spreadsheet Bet Types

The most popular bet types are available:

  • Point Spread
  • Moneyline
  • Total

When viewing moneyline odds, the spreadsheet also displays a percentage that represents the implied win percentage.

Using the implied winning percentages, there is a column labeled “Mkt. Hold” which stands for Market Hold.

What is Market Hold and why is it important?

In terms of sports betting, Market Hold represents how much vig you are betting into for a given game.

Market Hold is important because it will help you bet into favorable markets and give you a better chance at profiting long term.

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Take for example an NFL game, the Kansas City Chiefs at the Baltimore Ravens. As you can see below, each sportsbook has slightly different odds for each side. The best odds for each side are automatically highlighted in green.

To calculate market hold, take the best odds for each side, add the implied winning percentages together, and subtract by one.

Conceptually, you are seeing how much more (or less) these percentages compare to 100%. If they are greater than 100%, then the market has that much of an edge on you.

In some scenarios, you are able to find a negative market hold. In this case, you would have an edge on the market.

Now back to the Chiefs/Ravens example. You have the ability to bet both Chiefs -150 (at FanDuel) and Ravens +165 (at SugarHouse). If you were to bet the same amount on each side at the appropriate sportsbook, you would lock in a profit.

Alternatively, if you blindly bet into just one side of this market, on average, you could expect to make the equivalent of the market hold.

Without knowing anything about the game or teams, using the odds comparison tool will give you a huge leg up simply by betting the best numbers available. The lower the market hold on the game, the better chance you will have to win long term.

Live Sports Betting Odds in a Google Sheets Spreadsheet

The sheet will also update with the live lines for these bet types when available.

Live odds are particularly interesting as lines can get really out of wack between sportsbooks, representing an opportunity for you.

Why is comparing sports betting odds important?

Using odds comparison services is an easy way to get an edge. Getting the best possible price is one way to help you win at sports betting long term.

Imagine you are going to buy a new laptop. What would you do?

For me, once I found the laptop I wanted to buy, I would shop around for the best price. Just a little bit of research would likely save you a lot of money.

The same applies to sports betting odds. The nice part is all of the price comparisons have been done for you, and are automatically updated every minute.

Using tools like this will help you win at sports betting in the long run. In addition to this odds comparison spreadsheet, you can check out our other tools that will help you gain an edge:

The vig calculator will be particularly useful as it helps calculate the market hold of a given bet.