Unabated Sports Review 2024 (Promo Code + Free Trial)

Unabated is the best odds screen on the market for any serious sports bettor.

Unabated Rating

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Overall Rating: Outstanding 🥇

Unabated Review

Unabated Sports is the best odds screen on the market for serious sports bettors.

Unabated gives you the data and flexibility to customize their tools to fit your needs. Choose your own market makers, markets, edges, and more.

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Unabated Pros ✅

  • Identifies edges automatically
  • Customizable odds screen
  • Backed by an industry leading team

Unabated Cons ❌

  • Doesn’t currently have a mobile app
  • Most effective on desktop
  • Requires some manual work to use tools effectively

In my experience, Unabated is best for bettors that:

  • Are serious about sports betting
  • Want to get a consistent, reliable edge
  • Want to improve as a sports bettor

Unabated Sports Tools

Unabated offers three main tools:

  • Odds Screen
  • Season/Prop Simulator
  • DFS Pick ‘Em

Their odds screen is their primary tool and where most bettors can get the most value.

Unabated offers two different tiers of packages at different price points:

Plan$/Mo.Tools IncludedDescription
Essentials$67-Odds ScreenGives you all the tools you need to use an odds screen profitably
Premium$199-Betting Edges
-Unabated Line
-Advanced Calculators
-Season Simulator
-In-game Odds
Enhances the odds screen with features to give you the best info like Betting Edges, the Unabated Line, and Market Maker Odds
Unabated Plan Comparison

Try Unabated with promo code SCOUT
for a FREE 5 day trial! ($30 value)

Unabated has two plans which makes it simple to choose from.

Which Unabated Plan is Right for You?

To help you decide which plan you should go with, read along to see which type of bettor you identify with:

The Line Shopper

You live for the odds screen. You love tweaking it to show exactly what you need to see, in the order you want to see it. Seeing the screen light up different colors triggers you to take advantage of any opportunity you see. You have the time to monitor lines and are ready to fire when you see good bets available. You have your own method of identifying value and just need the data to execute.

Best plan: Essentials

Why: The Unabated Essentials plan gives you all the tools you need to succeed in line shopping/odds comparison. Allowing you to customize the screen to your liking gives you a leg up, especially for time sensitive opportunities.

The Maximizer

You are all in on sports betting. You have the time and money to dedicate to sports betting and want to make the most of it. You are willing to use any tool that can give you an edge. Futures, live betting, alt lines, and teasers are all in your arsenal. All you need is a way to identify opportunities quickly and you are ready to jump at it.

Best plan: Premium

Why: The Premium plan gives you access to the most tools, including the popular Betting Edges feature. You are able to take advantage of the biggest edges as fast as possible. Your time is valuable, and you want to make sure you are getting a good ROI on the time you are investing in sports betting.

Unabated: Built by Titans in the Industry

Unabated was built by (professional) sports bettors, for (all) sports bettors.

Unabated is lead by professional sports bettors Rufus Peabody and “Captain” Jack Andrews. They have years of experience and are some of the most respected figures in the industry.

They also have Dan Fabrizio and Peter Jennings on board who built some of the original sports betting/fantasy tools such as Sports Insights and Fantasy Labs.

The team at Unabated not only tailor made a platform that they themselves use, but they also open up to the community over at their Discord. I highly recommend joining the Discord as some of the sharpest minds in sports betting hang out there.

As part of your Unabated subscription you also get access to exclusive access to channels in their Discord that feature private Q+A with the team.

Unabated Odds Screen Review

The Unabated Odds Screen is the most important tool Unabated offers.

unabated odds screen live odds

At its most basic level, the odds screen lets you find the best odds for any bet. This is one of the most important things you can do to maximize your expected value as a sports bettor.

One of the most important steps you can take to make sure you are getting the most out of the odds screen is to customize it to your situation. This means:

  1. Only show sportsbooks that are either market makers or sportsbooks you can bet at
  2. Only include sportsbooks where you can bet in the Best Line settings
  3. Order the sportsbooks properly

Only showing sportsbooks that are market makers or sportsbooks you can bet at ensures you keep a focus on what the market is saying while also knowing what your options are.

As an extension, you need to make sure you are only including sportsbooks you can actually bet at to make sure you aren’t wasting time seeing edges that you can’t take advantage of.

unabated sportsbook settings

In terms of sportsbook ordering, I prefer to put market makers first (left side) and my sportsbooks (mostly recreational) on the right side.

See the video run down from the Unabated team on how to best use the odds screen:

Let’s dive in to a few of the key features of the Unabated Odds Screen:

Best Line

The Best Line column shows you which sportsbooks have the best odds for a given bet.

unabated best line example

In this example, PointsBet has the best moneyline odds for the Arizona Diamondbacks at -120 while DraftKings has the best moneyline odds on the Colorado Rockies at +124.

Market Hold

The Market Hold column shows you how big of a spread there is in the market between the best lines on each side.

In this example, the hold is -0.15%. The best odds for the LA Angels is +163 at Circa Sports while the best odds for the Texas Rangers is -162 at DraftKings.

The -0.15% hold means that you could technically bet each side at the current odds and have an advantage.

Line Movement

You can click on any odds and see the line movement history.

unabated line movement example circa sports

This can be useful to see if you missed any big moves in the line and also match them up with potential breaking news (lineup, injury, etc.) to understand how much lines move.

You can also see the line history for the Unabated Line to get a consensus on how the market has been moving.

Odds Type

The Odds Screen allows you to choose which format you see your odds in: American, Decimal, Probability, Sporttrade, or Native

See lines in probabilities is a good reminder that everything comes back to win probabilities. It is also useful if you are creating your own lines and comparing them to the market.

Unabated Betting Edges (Positive EV) Tool Review

In my experience once of the most valuable tools Unabated offers is the betting edges.

This shows up on the odds screen and will be highlighted in green if there is a positive edge:

unabated odds screen showing edge percentage

Showing the edge percentage makes it extremely easy to scan the odds screen and see where there is value. It is extremely difficult to do this manually, so having the hard work done for you will save you a ton of time.

When there are more games happening and more markets available, there are more opportunities to find an edge. Consider a Saturday in early November when there are six major sports in season: NFL, NBA, NHL, NCAA Basketball, NCAA Football. If we consider only the three main markets, that means there are roughly 300+ different markets where there could be an edge.

Doing that manually is nearly impossible, so using tools like Unabated will help you easily uncover the edges that are out there.

How Does Unabated Calculate their Edge?

The edge is calculated by comparing sportsbook’s lines to their proprietary Unabated Line. The Unabated Line is another key feature that shows you the best approximation of the true line on a game.

unabated line with edge

As you can see in the example above, there is a +2.8% edge betting on the Cleveland Browns +4 (-102) at DraftKings. The Unabated Line has the “true odds” on the Browns at +3.5 (-102). That means you are getting a half point of value which equates to +2.8% in this example.

The Unabated Line – Why It Is Useful

The Unabated Line is Unabated’s custom line created to approximate the true odds of an outcome happening.

They have identified which sportsbooks are market makers in different sports and markets. The market making sportsbooks are the most important sportsbooks to follow as they have the best information (i.e. most most money wagered) to create the most accurate line possible.

unabated line example

Using the proper market makers is very important as your perceived edge could be wrong if you are using the “wrong” market makers.

For example, Circa Sports generally releases College Football lines first and take some of the highest limit bets. They are considered a market maker in College Football, but not necessarily Tennis.

Teasing out who is the market maker for which sport is a difficult task, so the Unabated Line does the dirty work for you.

Unabated Advanced Betting Calculator

The betting calculators also offer significant value. They can calculate things that are hard to quantify like moneyline to spread conversions, line comparisons, and more.

unabated alt line calculator with edge

I use these calculators in situations where I am looking at alternate markets that are difficult to compare at a glance. The calculators give you the math you need to make the right decision.

unabated line comparison calculator

Unabated Season/Prop Simulator Review

Another key feature in the Unabated Premium plan is the season simulator. The season simulator takes your inputs (or inputs from other projections such as FantasyPros or NumberFire) and runs them through 10,000 simulated seasons:

unabated futures season simulator

You can choose how complicated the simulations are. There are three modes:

  • Basic Mode: Provide 1 rating for each team
  • Advanced Mode: Provide separate ratings for Offense and Defense
  • Unabated Mode: Provide ratings for Starting and Backup QBs (NFL)
unabated season simulator mode selection

If you choose to import data from an external source, Unabated gives you a few preset options such as pre-season market based ratings, ESPN (FPI), NumberFire, TeamRankings, and Massey-Peabody Rankings.

unabated props sim projection sources

Once you have selected your parameters, the simulation will run:

unabated season simulator progress

The final output is a list of teams and their probabilities of various future outcomes:

  • To make playoffs
  • To win division
  • To win conference
  • To win Super Bowl (championship)
unabated season simulator results nfl

Another useful simulator is the NFL props simulator. This will show you appropriate lines and alternate lines for player props at different positions. Enter you baseline inputs and the calculator will show you what the fair odds are for a wide range of outcomes:

unabated nfl props simulator

Unabated Player Props Projections (Preloaded and Easy)

Unabated also offer a player props odds comparison screen. You will often find much bigger edges on these markets so they are worth monitoring.

unabated player prop comparison odds screen with edge

Player prop markets are limited to some of the more common markets such as Hits, Home Runs, Pitcher Strikeouts, Points, Rebounds, Yards, Touchdowns, etc.

NFL has the most extensive list of props, going as niche as longest rush, longest reception, and total kicking points.

Unabated allows you to load projections from common systems (FantasyPros and NumberFire) to see where the edges are:

unabated prop projections weighting

This makes it extremely easy to get some pretty solid projections compared to the market. You can also upload your own custom projections via CSV if you are doing your own analysis.

Take for example a Zach Wheeler strikeout prop. The loaded projections from NumberFire simulated 5.64 strikeouts while FanDuel is offering under 6.5 strikeouts at +108. This represents a +38% edge if we have confidence in the projections.

Unabated News/Injury Updates

Unabated has also started to add to its’ news offerings, starting with college football.

unabated college football news

This will give you valuable info that can impact markets without having to go research yourself. I’d expect Unabated to continue to expand their offerings on this front.

Unabated DFS Pickem Tool Review

The Unabated DFS Pickem tool is a great option for those trying to get an edge in DFS. This is especially valuable for users that don’t yet have legal sports betting in their state.

To use the Pickem tool, you have to select your DFS site (Underdog Fantasy or PrizePicks) as well as your projection source and blend percentage:

unabated dfs site and projection sources

Once these selections have been made, you will see a lineup page that shows you the player/stat combinations that have the biggest edges. You can simply craft your lineup to see what your aggregate edge would be:

unabated dfs lineup builder

You can also use the Player View to get more detail on each player’s stat projection and perceived edge:

unabated dfs player view

Unabated Private Discord/Learning Tools

One of the most underrated parts of Unabated is their Discord and learning tools.

unabated education portal

Their Education section has a ton of informational material you can use to make yourself a sharper bettor. Most of the content is written by seasoned veterans Rufus Peabody and Captain Jack Andrews, two of the best in the business when it comes to educating on sports betting.

The Discord is a fantastic tool to connect with like minded bettors. Some of the sharpest people in sports betting hang out there. You will also see Unabated founders chime in and offer invaluable insight.

unabated discord captain jack advice

I’d definitely recommend joining, even just to get some ideas on what other people are doing and looking at.

Unabated Sports Promo Code and Free Trial

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Unabated Sports is such a valuable tool that they have to charge for even a trial. Use promo code SCOUT to get access to a free 5 day trial to see what everyone in the sports betting industry is talking about.

Unabated Alternatives

While Unabated has many tools and pricing plans, there might not be a perfect plan for you.

That’s OK, because there are a few alternatives that could be a good fit:

Unabated Odds Screen Alternative: OddsJam

OddsJam offers a similar odds screen to Unabated with a few key differences:

Price: Unabated’s Essentials Plan is only $67/month vs. OddsJam’s $79/month

Focus: OddsJam takes a profit/money making angle vs. Unabated’s focus on more “pure” sports betting

How does Unabated work?

Unabated is an odds comparison site that allows you to easily compares lines across multiple sportsbooks to make sure you get the best odds.

Do you have to pay for Unabated?

Yes, Unabated offers paid plans due to their premium services and value they deliver to bettors. There is a free version that has limited functionality.

Who is Unabated’s competitor?

Unabated’s main competitor is OddsJam. Both offer tools to sports bettors and have slight differences in their products.